It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always find reasons to diet and stress yourself out with exercise. Everywhere we turn, the media – both social and magazines – tell us that we don’t do enough for our health. We read all about celebrities and their post-baby bodies, their summer diets, their Gala preparations. We read about influencers and their plastic surgeries, their crash diets and their exercise programs designed to stress their bodies to the max. And do you know what? Most of us are so done with reading about other people’s bodies. Why? Well, the constant comparison between ourselves and them is exhausting. It’s stressful. It’s painful. And we’re sick of it.

Now, don’t get us wrong: there are plenty of people out there actively seeking medical weight loss solutions or ways to move their bodies more, but that doesn’t have to be everyone and it’s these people who are taking ownership of their bodies in the right way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make positive changes, but even in the midst of those changes, here are the reasons why your body is perfect – exactly as it is.

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  1. Your life may not change the way you think it will. The story sold to us in the media is thin = happy. Unfortunately, that’s just not how life works. The problems you have while overweight will still be there while you’re a healthy weight. Relationship issues, work issues, they don’t go away overnight. You might have lower blood pressure, but you could also have gallstones – who knows? The point is that it’s not necessarily your weight at the root of all your problems, so don’t treat it as such.
  2. Life is too short to worry. Unless you have health issues as a result of your weight, life is far too short to spend your time worrying about your figure. Go and wear the dress. Adjust your sizing based on your body and don’t worry about the number on the clothing. Go to the beach. Dance in the rain! Life is short enough as it is; go and be your authentic self in your body that carries you now.
  3. You deserve to eat. This one is so important: you deserve to eat delicious food no matter what the calories are and no matter what you’ve already eaten that day. You are perfect as you are and you need fuel to keep thinking, working and moving. Don’t starve yourself or say no to delicious food when life is short enough as it is!
  4. You deserve a clear head. No matter what message is impressed upon you, you deserve to not have your mental health destroyed because of a xyz celebrity out there who lost a bunch of weight. You have to remember that celebrities and those in the spotlight have chefs, trainers and all the time in the world to get their bodies into shape – and it’s okay if you don’t!

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