Strange title, you might think. Does it read wrong? Is it a typo? Surely, it is supposed to say, “Why do we believe in God?”… I was pondering this today randomly when I was imagining a stranger asking me this question. And how I would react. What would I say to someone who asks why I believe in a Supreme Being?

And I as I was having this imaginary conversation in my head, I imagined I would react by saying, “I think you mean, ‘when’ do we believe in God?”, and the imaginary stranger in my head would be taken aback and say, “What do you mean?” And then I started monologuing… Like I do when I’m having conversations in my head.

I think it’s more appropriate to ask “When” instead of “Why” because it sets the conversation about religion up more appropriately. When do you believe in God? When does the world turn to a Higher Being? It’s so common to say God isn’t there when things are going well for yourself, and so easy to turn to the Lord when life harder than usual and throwing challenge after challenge at you.

So if this person were to answer the question, “When do we believe in God?” Would it be when they need Him most? And would they start attending church, reading scriptures, praying and so on when they realize they need Him. In the final hours of desperation, you see on dramatic movies and shows the characters kneel before a Supreme Being for a miracle. So why do we wait for that moment for His protection and grace? How can we come to God regularly for this protection and love to always encircle us? This, I’d say, would be active worship, active membership, and actively partaking.

3 Nephi 18
“And this shall ye do in remembrance of my body, which I have shown unto you. And it shall be a testimony unto the Father that ye do always remember me. And if ye do always remember me ye shall have my Spirit to be with you.”
Why do we take the sacrament every week? That we may always remember Him. And why do we need to always remember Christ? So that His spirit will always be with us. This is His promise. And He is bound to what He says when we keep our side of covenants with Him.
Why do we need His spirit with us? Do we really need the protection every day? Every day until the next Sunday? What can Christ protect us from?
From the New Testament, we saw Christ restore sight to the blind, heal lepers and other seemingly impossible things like raising Lazarus from death. So we ask again, what can Christ protect us from?
In our day, we would be protected from evils and weaknesses of the spirit. Protected from contention towards the other drivers on the road, and other small things like patience with a crying child to big things like protection from pornography and the faith that a premature infant will make it through the night.
Let us not underestimate the power of the sacrament, the power of the promises given when partaking the bread and water. We promise to remember Him, and He promises His priceless and eternal protection. These little things that He will help us through, and the big life changing things He will help us understand and overcome. Remember Him, and He remembers us.


This Lost Mama

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