The period between fall and winter is the best time to pay attention to your home and get it ready for the colder months. The main thing to pay attention to are the plumbing, the insulation, and the boiler. Read on for more information on how to protect your family home over winter. 

Water Pipes 

The last thing you want when you are in the middle of your festive activities is a burst water pipe in your home, this is inconvenient, expensive, and avoidable. The chances of a burst water pipe are much higher in the winter because residual water sits in the pipes and freezes in the cold. 

The best way to avoid burst water pipes in the winter is to insulate them; the good news is that insulating water pipes can be done as a DIY fix, all you need is some insulating foam and zip ties that you can buy at your local hardware store. Focus on water pipes in the outdoor areas. And be sure to get your sprinklers serviced from a credible source if you can’t do it yourself.

General Plumbing 

Although the water pipes can be protected with a simple DIY fix, other parts of your plumbing system might need more of a professional touch. If you want to avoid plumbing issues in the winter make sure you hire a plumbing service for a toilet installation and some other checks. 

A home plumbing system should be checked once a year for leaks and efficiency, and the best time to do this is before the winter sets in. Of course, you can have the plumbing checked at any time of the year, but you reduce the odds of winter issues if you have it checked in the fall. 


Gutters are one of the main things you need to pay attention to when winter approaches. During the fall leaves collect in the gutters and block the drains unless you take care of them promptly it can lead to flooding issues in your home and dampness issues in the upstairs rooms and loft.  

Cleaning the gutters is straightforward and can be carried out as a DIY fix, all you need is a set of ladders and a pair of gardening gloves. Hang a bucket on the ladder to put the leaves into so you don’t have to throw them from the roof. Alternatively, you could hire a local gardening firm.     


The cost of energy is rising and there are carbon concerns for every household, that’s two excellent reasons to pay more attention to your insulation this winter. Most homes have insulation already, but the quality of it depends on when your home was built or improved. 

If you want to improve your insulation this winter, the best option is cavity wall insulation. This is foam insulation that seals most of the cracks and gaps in the walls creating a toasty winter home. A cheaper alternative is to hang a heavy curtain or use both styles for the best results. 

Boiler Check 

The home plumbing system needs to be checked, but so too does the boiler before the cold weather sets in. Again, a boiler needs to be checked by a professional once a year and the best time for this is shortly before the festive season to reduce the risks of failure in the cold season.

That sums it up. Save this check list or get started today so you can enjoy the holiday season in a warm safe home this winter!

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