Ah, Autumn… The season of pumpkins and sweaters. The time where everything dies beautifully to make way for the cold months and eventually bring spring again. The time for bundling up to go outdoors and warming up our homes for the holidays. A time for cuddles, decorating and cleaning up for hibernation.

Is it just me? Or does everyone else feel like they are on their ‘A’ game for reorganizing, cleaning and decorating as the seasons change?

Whether you’re a part of this *quirky* club or not, I’d love to share my list of things that you can do to amp up your decor with a simple trip to the thrift store or into the depths of junk lying in those dusty boxes downstairs. Don’t break the bank to transform your home decor! Save these simple (fun) projects to get your fix! 😉

#1 This gal’s thrift store find n’ fix is exactly what you are looking for in an entry bench or accent piece below some floating shelves. Throw some of those fancy pillows on there after you follow directions on how to spice it up and you’ve got yourself a focal point.

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#2 Ever wonder… what you could do with that entire aisle of fake flowers and leaves at the dollar store? Can I just say, this is your answer? Spice up that boring twig wreath with a classic, simple and beautiful designed wreath that is SO simple to make! (I love the antique window as well… if you’re looking for something else to do with an old window check this out)

#3 Anyone else get SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)… I do! Especially towards the end of winter time! Once Thanksgiving and Christmas are over it’s like there is nothing left to celebrate about life until Spring. Depressing. So, I have decided to bring Spring time inside for the Winter to keep our home light and happy during the long stretch of darkness with this delightful indoor succulent DIY project. Isn’t it adorable? Yes… Yes it is!

#4 My sweet adorable hubby has come home many a time with a vase of flowers, and I love him dearly for it! But once they die it leaves me with a cupboard full of empty, sad, vases. I loved finding this DIY dollar tree centerpiece idea! Simple, quick, and can look quite elegant when you add a little ambiance.

#5 This Shabby Chic gal gave me the inspiration to take one of my old cube-like shelves that have been looky tacky and dusty on my wall and transform them like she has with her worn down unit. I love, love, love it. Can’t get enough of it. Frugal and fresh. Simple and elegant.

#6 This fellow mommy blogger has inspired me to do my own revamp of an old dresser in my baby girl’s room. It needs some serious work… And her distressed look for her media center turned out simply antique. If you are looking to redo a furniture piece that’s collecting dust, her project will bring inspiration.

#7 I’ve recently been looking for more outdoor furniture to have around our firepit in our backyard, and where we live it can get quite windy back there so this furniture needs to be durable. I like this wired hamper repurposed DIY project look and function. Black and modern with just enough space for s’mores ingredients to be placed. (Yes, I just rhymed. It’s a thing.)

#8 Ok, I’m all about being environmental and sustainable so I was super disappointed in myself for never before thinking of reusing those soup, beans, veggies (etc) cans to make some adorable centerpieces. I should put myself in a timeout. Ridiculous. (Side note: you could even drill some holes into the two sides at the top of the cans, loop in some rope, and hang them up with succulents in them like #3. Yep. That’s a good plan. Doing it.)

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#9 Got some leftover chalkboard paint lying around? And an old bottle? No? That’s just me? Even if it isn’t chalkboard style, I love this option for redefining your vases, old wine or apple cider bottles, or in this DIY article, an old pitcher. Change the message now and again and just make it fun!
#10 I don’t have kiddos old enough to appreciate this gem, but when they are old enough… this is definitely on a DIY Saturday play day. Go to the dollar store or thrift store, get some knick knacks or crazy whimsical miscellaneous items that go with your kids room theme, and make this glass cloche with the old jars in the cupboard. Such simple fun! (I just might do this for DIY winter wonderland decor… Yes, I’m still a kid…)

#11 I may have, kind of, made this craft already… But it still needs some work because it does not look as classy as P.S. I Love You Scrapbooking did it with her decorated picture frame. I have SO many frames left over from our wedding day five years ago that this project has inspired me to repurpose them all to serve a function instead of collecting dust. What do you say, good idea?

#12 This may look like “book murder”, but I assure you, no books were harmed in the making of this craft… Ok, that’s a lie. But no USABLE books were harmed. I have too many books in boxes in our storage room that, let’s face it, will never be read. Or, were read once and then put into that very box. So, either toss em, recycle them, or use them to make this beautiful wreath by The Baking Fairy. (Blacken/burn/singe the edges of the pages and add a skull to the center of the wreath and you’ve got a Halloween theme. Yes? Awesome.)

That concludes this round up of twelve ways you can turn the junk lying around your home into gems to add to the beautifying of your space! I hope these projects inspire you like they have inspired me. See you next project, til then, Cheers!


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