Excerpt from my diary – 2012…
 “He makes my world pop. That’s a strange phrase, and makes no sense unless you are a girl like me. Because he and I, we’re made for each other and no one else. We click, pop, snap and work together. No matter the verb, it’s what we do! (pun intended) I love him oh so much. This is not a typical thing I say in any public way. I’m planning on changing that. Mostly because I have this sparkly thing hanging out on my finger that’s basically telling the world anyway. Oh golly gee, guys. He cares for me, and would do nothing to hurt me. I hope that every little princess has the opportunity to experience love like this in their life time. Everyone should have someone to live for. It really is a beautiful thing, and it will distract you from yourself ok, time to join all the other bloggers out there and talk about the Simmons’ wedding day. More or less I want to say what a wonderful husband I have, and as it nears about a year since our first date (in two days) I’d like to tell our little love story here in the blog world.” 

Bradlee asked me to marry him on a Saturday night at the end of June 2012.
He asked me to be his “last first kiss” down on one knee on the beach on the lakeside.
We decided on October 18, 2012, to be our wedding day. Autumn was perfect.
I could not sleep at all the night before the sealing.
Bradlee slept like a baby.
The ceremony was beautiful.


Might I add that I redid my hair about 4 times that morning (that’s why you hire a hair stylist people)… I eventually just threw it back in a side bun and it came out quite nicely. Happy day.
I made all of the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, the centerpieces, my aunt made our SUPER cute cake, had to go to a couple thrift stores for frames (which I still have), made the bridesmaid’s hair pieces (with the help of little sis) plus we found the bridesmaid dresses on sale (booyah), and we created our own sign in book on Shutterfly. It was a TON of work, but we pulled it off and saved a lot of money doing so! Plus it put a unique twist on our wedding, and I just couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t do things our own original way.


There was dancing, cutting of the cake, and eating of cake, and a TON of greetings given. It was a great celebration, don’t get me wrong, but… there were a few moments that I look back on that I wish I did differently. And I must share to help the next bride and groom with their perfect day:

#1 Let them eat cake, dang it!

If you have ever seen How I Met Your Mother, you know Marshall and Lily. And if you really know HIMYM then you have seen the episode they get married.
There are two moments in that show that I could really relate to. First, was on their wedding day they are completely starved their entire wedding reception. And second, was when they have their baby boy and go out in public without him for the first time and are faced with DEATH on every corner. (You have to see it to get it…)
We came to the reception center, were swept away to get ready for pictures, took pictures for two seconds, and guests started showing up. We hadn’t eaten since our luncheon, six hours ago. And didn’t eat until our friends cut in the procession line and shoved Chic-Fil-A in our faces.
If you are faced with this dilemma, politely tell the myriad of grandparents and second and third cousins, and neighbors when you were six-years-old, that you need to excuse yourself to eat real quick. They should understand. It is, after all, your wedding day.
And they should just enjoy themselves until you and your newlywed are ready to visit and do pleasantries again. Whatever happened to guests taking a seat and the Bride and Groom coming around to greet them? Let’s do that again. #millenialgoals
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#2 Do what you do, don’t try to people please. 

This is your day! And when it was my day, and the reception came along, everyone wanted to just talk to us… while all I wanted to do was dance the night away.
I know, I’m starting to sound selfish. But the moment our first dance ended, and it was so very romantic, the playlist that I had put together was intended to start a dance party right afterward! With Gangnam style… for real…
 But everyone swarmed in to form a line again. My friends started dancing, and I looked longingly in their direction. *sigh*. I should have Gangnam styled outta those conversations and joined them… Dance! Dance your tooshies off! Make the most of the day! Again, it’s your day!

#3 Live in the moment.

Soak it in. There were too many times people were rushing us. And I look back now and relive those moments with slight anxiety. Remind those loved ones who are rushing you to take a breath. Take a breath with them. And smile.
You’ve found your forever love. The one who chose you out of all the people in the universe to be with. That’s HUGE and so magical.
Those are the ONLY things I would do differently.
Even after five years, I wish I could go back and marry Bradlee again. The temple was beautiful. The early morning (9 AM) was perfect timing. The temple grounds were peaceful as the sun was still creeping up the morning sky.
I love every day that I wake up next to my best friend and soul mate
(especially his morning Chinese man smiles, and when he gets a real good night’s rest he twiddles his toes)
I love that we are forever a family, eternally bonded to one another in this new and everlasting covenant that our Father in Heaven has provided for us.
I love that no matter what he will be there for me
(even through sleepless nights and the birth of our first baby)

I love that this picture sums up how we tease each other daily:


I love that we say I love you a million times a day

Ultimately, I love my life with him.

Flashback to my 2012 diary self again:

“I know that people say that we’ll get out of this “honeymoon stage” and that the newlywed glow fades… We don’t believe in that, no matter how many taunt and tease us for kissing “too much” and that we say I love you “too much”, we will always want for more! Because love is ultimately a choice. While other couples choose to lose their flame, we choose to keep it alive.”

Keep it alive. Choose your companion every day. Lose yourself in their embrace. (insert gigantic cheeseball here). 😉 

^^ Also, if you can get a little cake in your hair, DO IT! ^^

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  1. This is so true, I think that the wedding guests sometimes have a better time than the bride and groom, I still have wonderful memories of my wedding to my second husband, we will be celebrating our silver anniversary next spring#wonderingwednesday@_karendennis

    • I know, it’s too bad. I hope that when we celebrate future anniversaries that we can have more intimate parties and more fun as the “bride and groom”.

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