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Having a baby and raising children is a welcome challenge that will be full of surprises. Unfortunately, nothing can truly prepare you for what you are going to experience, as everyone’s experience will be different. There are, however, other parents out there that you can speak to, parenting forums, parenting books, and more that can help you try and prepare when considering if parenting is the right thing for you, and what you need to know about becoming a parent. To help you on your journey, here are some important things you weren’t told about becoming a parent. 

The right time to have a baby

Some people believe that there is a right time to have a baby, while others wait for the perfect time. It depends on your lifestyle, personal circumstances, and your goals. For some people, you will need to take time to plan to have a child, so that you can mentally and physically equip yourself for a child. This might include saving money, getting a house, and having a stable income that will provide for a new family. You might find that you fall pregnant when you are not ready, and therefore, it is wise to seek abortion information

In other cases, you might find that it is not the right time to have a baby. This can also be a good attitude to have because if not, you might find yourself waiting for a long time and missing an opportunity. Many people will fall pregnant and then use that time to prepare. 

It is going to be hard at first

While seeing your baby for the first time and knowing that you have given birth to something so precious may be a good feeling, it will not negate how difficult becoming a parent will be. Whether you already have kids, or it is your first, you may find that the first few months are extremely difficult. Your baby will cry a lot, you will have to learn how to understand them and what they need, your sleep will be erratic, breastfeeding (if you choose to do so) may be painful, and more. It is common for parents to feel as if they are failing, but the challenges are all a part of the process. It is important to remember that you are capable of getting through it and to give yourself some kindness and compassion along the way. It is also vital that you ask for help and support from friends, family, and professionals. You don’t have to be a parent all by yourself.

You don’t need a room full of baby stuff

While you may feel as if you want to give your kids the world, it is unnecessary to buy too many items. It is a nice gesture, to buy lots of toys, burp cloths, teething rings, strollers, car seats, swings, bouncy chairs, mats, hammocks, playpens, etc. but you don’t need half of it. It will only take up space and cause more cleaning and stress than they are worth. Many people will buy toys and items out of fear they aren’t doing enough for their baby, or their baby will get bored. Others want to express their love for their baby through gifts. It is important to know that babies will spend most of their time crying, feeding, and sleeping, with little time to play or the need to be occupied constantly. Simple things can be entertaining to babies, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Babies will also very easily dismiss toys, so any thought and money you put into something would be wasted. You might also find that friends and family will give you several toys, clothes, and items, so you will not need to purchase as many for yourself. When it comes to clothes and items, your baby is going to grow so quickly, they don’t require too many outfits. 

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Babies are going to cost you money

You already know that you will need to be financially stable when having a baby. However, you may not realize just how much money you are going to need to spend. You might need money to cover any medical expenses that come up. You are also going to need a whole lot of diapers, which can add up very quickly. Finances are so important, that you also need to think into the future. It isn’t just when your children are born, but looking after them as they grow up meeting their needs, and paying for things like hobbies, too. 

Choosing to be a parent is not easy. Consider these top things you need to know when thinking about your future!


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