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When looking for our first baby’s perfect name I wanted it to be unique, I wanted it to be a name that wasn’t going to be common for all the other baby girls being born the same year as she was!

You remember when there would be multiple girls in your kindergarten class that first year of school that had the name Jessica? Or Jennifer? Or even Brittany? (This was during my year) 😉  And those girls would need to go by a different nickname or maybe even their middle name to not get mixed up.

I just didn’t want that, might be weird to some, but it was big for me! And those parents of those girls probably didn’t know how popular that little girl’s (or boy’s) name would be in the future.

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BUT, if they had access to a computer in the comfort of their home like we do now, it might be a little different. 

There are so many different websites on Pinterest that advertised “The Best Baby Names of 2017”, or “The Best Baby Girl Names”, “The Best Neutral Baby Names”, “The Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2018” but whenever I’d search through these sites I would find a lot of repeats and nothing too unique.

So, as we were debating which names to name our baby girl, a co-worker gave me an excellent resource I’ll never forget.

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Did you know you can look up popular baby names by birth year in one simple place online?

The US Social Security Administration has this amazing page just for baby name records. Click the link to check it out, and you’re welcome!

I even had fun just looking at my birth year to see what baby names were popular when I was born, and sure enough, the top girl and boy names were the most repetitive when I was in elementary, secondary school, sports teams, neighborhoods, etc. Kind of nuts! 

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We had fun playing around with this, and checked if our ideas were popular or not the few years before she was going to be born. And now when we tell people our baby girl’s first name, Annabelle, she gets endless compliments and how unique it is! Yay! Have fun playing around, and good luck in picking an amazing and unique name for your little newborn! xo

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