Our biggest purchase is our home. So no matter what, we want to do the very best we can to ensure it stays protected. However, it’s a sad fact of life that opportunists like burglars are taking advantage of homeowners. Making it essential to make sure you up your security in your home. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can increase the security on your property. 


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Install an alarm system. 

One of the most popular ways to add security to your home is fitting an alarm system. Most commonly these are activated by yourself as you leave the property and the deactivated on your return. If then someone enters your property and does not enter the deactivation code the alarm will start to ring. In a lot of cases, the fact that you can see an alarm system is in place can be enough to deter any threat from your home. Some alarm systems are more advanced and can work off motion sensors within your home as well. (We love Amazon’s Blink Security system, check it out here!)

Consider security cameras

A step up from a standard alarm system would be the installation of security cameras. You could consider adding them to the exterior of your property at the most common entry points. Or think about having them installed inside as well. The use of a video security system could come in handy if an incident takes place. Enabling the police to identify the culprits and put appropriate punishment in place. Again if they are installed on the exterior of the property, they could be enough to stop any threat taking place. 

Get a dog

A pet dog shouldn’t be bought for this reason only, but if you like the idea of an addition to the family, then they can come in handy. A dog is seen as a threat to some people. So just having one on your premises can put many people off trying to enter your home. Some people even place a visible sticker, warning that there is a dog in the home. 

Improve security on doors and windows

No matter what systems you put in place, sometimes the boldest opportunists will try any which way to enter your home. That can be through less obvious doors or your windows. Adding additional locks to those entry points could help prevent this from occurring. You could also look at door and window installation to help make them more secure with locks. They are a great security feature for the family as well as added protection to the home. 

Consider high fences or gates

Finally, if your property resides on a lot of land, then you may want to consider bolder boundaries. You could increase the height of your fences and even add a gated entry to your home. It is often the first hurdle any burglar would need to cross to gain access. So making this difficult could help avoid anyone trying to enter your property. 

Let’s hope this has enlightened you on some of the ways you can improve the security of your home.


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