Am I the only one out there who says they would like to eat better, work out more and overall just be better in the health and nutrition field?

Don’t deny it, you want that bangin’ butt and abs that you see all over the Pinterest world. I know I do. 

And with all the trying and the willpower, I tend to give in to deliciously greasy, sweet and cheesy foods! I believe it’s human nature, though it’s probably more human tendency than anything. I have become a creature of habit, like many people out there I like to eat for entertainment or just to satisfy my taste buds when in reality most of the time I need to get used to eating for nourishment.

I constantly curse my love for delectable food, but it’s so good it’s bad. My husband and I just love to cook and enjoy making things that are so wrong but sooo right at the same time!

I came across this article about designing your kitchen so that you snack less. And…. since I’m trying to be more healthy and I love interior design, it seemed like the perfect article for me. So check out this list and get started TODAY with your health goals by reorganizing your eating space.. aka the kitchen.

#1 Take all the Food off the counters except fruit. 

For instance, I have a tray of brownies on my counter and no fruit. This is hindering my willpower to eat better just having that readily available to grab a fork and snack away. Though fruit is still just pure sugar (and can turn right to fat if you have a body like mine), and maybe you shouldn’t have any sort of food on your counter if you are a true compulsive snacker. *shameful look in the mirror*

If you’re a mama who really wants to drop the pounds, have a nut mix or some veggies always at the ready and at eye level for you to devour if you are in a hurry for a snack. Keep the protein intake higher than your sugar intake either way and life will suddenly get lighter along the waistline.

#2 Get rid of the clutter. 

I always feel the more cluttered my house is, the more clutter I am. Keep the focus! Clean up the mess!

I know, I know, easier said than done when you have five kids who all need something every waking moment of your day. But I know from my own experience that when my kitchen counter is covered with mail, dirty dishes, the bumbo and sticky substances that cannot be identified, I feel like I can’t focus on any other task during the day.

So, make a new goal for yourself and your self-care, take the 15 minutes it takes to clear that counter and do it. It will keep your peace of mind and make you less likely to be sporadic with meal times. Organized life = Organized tummy.

#3 Paint the Kitchen anything but white. 

You should have a little color in the most exciting place in the house.

If your significant other is anything like mine, you might have a problem convincing them that this is the right move for your home. For instance, all of the walls in our home are beige right now… All but our master bath… and that was like pulling teeth with B.

We will EVENTUALLY get to painting more around the home, just got to ease him into it.

Anyway, if you have a similar situation, then try and pick an off-white color that has an undertone of yellow or blue or (dare I say) purple… Oh, how I would love a purple kitchen. 

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#4 Make your Kitchen less lounge friendly. 

This is hard for me to agree with because it’s fun to have breakfast nooks and cute cushions in your kitchen. But again, I’m an avid snacker so what do I know? So, maybe try and make it look welcoming with a few adorable pillows and cushions, but keep things easy to get up and out and stand-friendly as well. Use that newly cleaned counter space and stand up while you surf the web!

Brightening up your kitchen colors helps in this category as well, as long as it’s fresh looking and light you will feel light and have an up-and-at-it attitude.
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#5 Make it easier to cook. 

If cooking is a chore to you, you’re not doing it right, and maybe your layout of your kitchen isn’t right. The article above has great tips on organizing your kitchen, I especially like the comment of hiding your microwave, this will encourage you to cook and cooking equals healthy things to cook. Win, win!

If you’re like me before I was married to a self-made chef, mac-n-cheese was and is a staple in your home. Check out our ever growing recipes to help you kick-start the chef in you. If I can learn to cook, you can too.

#6 Rearrange your food. 

Hide your snacks so that you can never find them or you eventually just forget about them. Brilliant. This is the secret, my friends, to a tucked tummy and a lifted booty.

I can’t tell you how many times I have found old candy bags on the highest shelf in the highest cabinet that I have forgotten. Then you celebrate your months of not eating that candy with a little binge session... You deserve a reward after all that dieting. 😉

#7 Reconsider your plate size.

All along, the world, and dang Walmart 98 cent plastic plates have been setting you up for failure...

Who knew that a bigger plate made you obligated to fill said plate and then consume all the overestimated food.

Better yet, lets all just buy children silverware and dinnerware, then we will all stay mentally sane (because we finished all the food on our plate) and not over consume due to obligation.

Then again, I would probably just start stacking the plate vertically to compensate for the horizontal limits of the plate. To each his own. Let life take you where it may.

Stay fit my friends. And check out these supplements that are tried and true by me and my hubby to help us keep on track with our health goals.

Our favorite Pre-workout, BCAA (amino acids), and protein powder. If you are curious about getting your health on.


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