Uketales: Kate the Koala Beginner Ukulele Course





Kate the Koala is gearing up for the ultimate climb, she’s taking on a new challenge: playing the ukulele! And let’s be honest, for a koala who climbs trees like nobody’s business, this is just another walk in the park – or rather, a climb in the jungle! The only issue? She’s staring at her brand new uke, wondering where to begin. Should she go on a wild goose chase, asking her jungle posse for help? Kate knows that every journey starts with a single step, or in her case, a single note. With determination in her heart and a melody in her mind, there’s no doubt that Kate the Koala will soon be serenading the jungle with her ukulele tunes. So, with a deep breath and a sense of adventure, she positions her clawed fingers on the strings, ready to embark on this harmonious escapade. With guided prompts for parents/teachers and fun narratives describing beginner music theory concepts and ukulele exercises in one, this book is the perfect beginning course for you to learn ukulele. Let the music begin!



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