Unique Mother’s Day services that are sure to make mom smile all year ’round.

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Being a first time and new mom of one little kiddo, there are some things that I’ve got on my mother’s day list that weren’t there before. It used to be about the sentiment, but now I’m thinking, give me that functional shiz to make my life easier as the mom ’round here.

You see, I’ve been sick for the past week, and being sick as a mom is not ideal. It’s annoying, to say the least, but you can’t just wish it away, and you can’t rest it off, you just keep on keeping on and being sick while you try and keep the baby entertained and happy. All the while, the dishes are piled high, the laundry starts to smell, you start to smell… It’s a bit of a mess.

So as I’ve been sick, I’ve thought of all the other moms out there who are also looking for ways to keep their house and life organized even when life throws curve balls and you have no energy to keep up the housekeeping. These are incredible gift ideas that I would NOT mind getting instead of a pearl necklace or a mug that says “Best Mom” on it, and I’m sure my other mamas out there would agree.

So bookmark this list, pin it, print it, email it to your husband (if you are a mom reading this), and let those kiddos and spouses know what would make your Mother’s Day the best day this year.

#1 Two Words: House Cleaning

I know you’ve seen this on your Amazon account recently, they are now offering professional cleaning services. This came as a little beacon of light when they first announced these new services and has been tempting me ever since. And right now, they are running a Spring Cleaning special where they will knock off $20 at checkout.

If you don’t have the money to hire professionals, then make a cute coupon book full of chores that mom can demand from husband and kids at any time, no questions asked. Better yet, schedule a spring cleaning with the kids while mom goes to a spa day. things to do for mother's day


#2 Be the chef for a night, or two while she sits back.

Before we know it, we won’t have to leave the comfort of our homes to have to do anything, and on some days as a mom, this is a very nice concept. Running errands can be exhausting, even for a mom of one, so give the gift of HEALTHY homemade meals delivered to your door, even if it’s for one month, sometimes that’s all a mother needs to rest and breathe. We are big fans of the Sun Basket company and brand, you can choose from 18 healthy & delicious recipes a week from Sun Basket! Save $45 off your order through this link! They have choices ranging from but not limited to, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, Mediterranean and loads more.

If not for a month, do it for a week or two for a couple nights and enjoy cooking something new with the family, a home cooked meal in 30 minutes that mom doesn’t need to worry about shopping for. And offer to do the DISHES after… this is essential to mom’s relaxation. Get 50% off your Family Meals from Sun Basket with this link, and enjoy a little worry-free luxury this mother’s day.



#3 Go ahead, buy her some clothes, and let her keep what she loves.

Ok, so my favorite thing to get from someone as a gift is a cute shirt that I didn’t have to choose for myself. Clothes are just tough to shop for when not every piece of clothing is “one size fits all”. To solve that problem, there are amazing companies that have created fashion boxes where they will send you clothes to try on and see if you like them before you purchase them.

And guess who just recently joined this bandwagon of companies?? You guessed it, Amazon. 

amazon prime wardrobe

Introducing, Prime Wardrobe, the Amazon Prime membership benefit where you get to try clothes on and either keep or send the items back before you buy. So yes, you do need to be a member of Amazon Prime and if you aren’t yet I highly recommend being one! Give it a free trial run for 30 days, order through Prime Wardrobe for your mom or wife for mothers day, and then quit the membership at the end of the trial or continue on for more benefits like video streaming, music streaming, free two-day shipping, and loads more!

That’s the sum of it, three simple services that can be gifts for your mother, wife, mom-to-be or grandmother. If you loved the ideas, please share with all your friends and/or pin it to Pinterest! Thanks, and happy Mother’s day to the women who were saintly enough to birth and/or just raise crazy kiddos in this world. <3




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