It isn’t pretty, but it’s oh, so worth it. You know what I’m talkin’ bout. Birth.

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Seeing that little baby for the first time, the little moments you are overflowing with love and devotion towards your little girl or boy they are all worth the pain and trials of recovery afterward. That’s the thing though… No one really gets into the nitty-gritty of what you’ve got to do with your lady parts after the cute little human exits your body. 

Now, for me, I gave birth vaginally so I can’t say how it is for women who have had c-sections, but my periods were ugly, and not so kind to my pelvic floor once they started up again (about 3 or 4 months after giving birth). I couldn’t even think about wearing a tampon, let alone put one up “there”, so I resorted to a myriad of other options that actually BETTERED my menstrual cycle experience.

How did it better my period postpartum, you ask?

menstrual advice after baby

Well, first off, my period was shorter. Before, when I used tampons, I would have my period for at least five days. Now, it has been three days, with only one heavy day. Second, my cramps disappeared. (yep. they’re gone.) And I use to get HORRIBLE cramps, the kind that kept you in bed with a heat pad kind of cramps, and no new mother has time for that. That was just enough for me to continue on this path of no tampon periods.

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So, let me give you the low-down of the best products I’ve used to make my periods bearable, tolerable and comfortable in this postpartum mama life.

1. The Right kind of Pad

This was my first solution to my tampon problem. I grew up in a time where the internet wasn’t as available as it is today, or at least not as utilized as it is now, and I was taught there were only two ways to keep clean on your period. Tampons and Pads. So, when tampons were no longer an option, I looked towards pads and I would still get a sore pelvic floor using most pads out there (maybe because of the scents they were adding on? I dunno, but it was still painful after hours of using the pad) until I found Always Infinity Flex Foam.

This is not a sponsored post, I’m not getting paid to sell Always brand to you, I’m just telling you what REALLY worked for my sensitive postpartum vag and pelvic floor. It’s a light feeling pad that absorbs awesome amounts. Nuff said, I highly recommend. BUT, like any pad, it doesn’t “breathe” very well down there… So on to the next amazing product.

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2. Undies – Thinx and other like brands

I tried Thinx at first, mostly because I thought it was the only company that made menstrual undies. (Well done, marketers… Well done…) And my fresh, tired, exhausted, mama brain didn’t think of searching Amazon. So if Thinx is too expensive, see what Amazon has to offer. 

If you do have money for Thinx, I really like them! I haven’t tried an “off” brand yet, but reviews on Amazon for the brand Hesta have said that they aren’t much different and they are at a fraction of a cost so those are my next purchase.

As for Thinx so far, they breathe so much better than pads, smell better, last great overnight or all day if you don’t have time to change them out. They absorb very well, I’ve been using and washing them for about three months now, and have air dried them every time except one (the hubby forgot to take them out before the dryer), and they have held up quite nicely. The absorbency has become less impressive over time, but very gradually and they still work incredibly. 

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3. Lena/Diva Cup or Soft Cup

They sound the same, but they are different. And, full disclosure, I have yet to use either one of these, but I’ve heard amazing things about both from close friends and family.

First, the Diva-like Cup.

Second, the Soft Cup or “Flex Fits” is another brand.

And the reason why I haven’t used these thus far in my postpartum period journey is that of my pelvic floor pain. When first looking for alternatives to the tampon, I mainly searched for things that I didn’t have to stick “up there” in order to prevent pain and sore muscles in my nether regions.

Though, I’ve heard that even with pelvic floor pain these don’t hurt like tampons do. So, really, nothing should stop me, and it won’t! I will be going to buy these right now, so expect an update in about a month. 😉

There you have it, my best advice for your first postpartum period.

And, seriously, the best products to help you live a better, pain-free, period every month. Hope I could help, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask below! I’m not afraid of the nitty-gritty questions.


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