Below, I’ll go into which nursing bra to avoid altogether, which bra is the best for the first weeks with baby, and which bra will last you in the long run.

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First things first, the bra to avoid.

The reason why? Though this bra was very comfortable and didn’t have any poking wires and didn’t squeeze my ribs too tight, it also wore away and stretched out quickly. The elastic was not strong enough to last more than five months without now being loose and not giving my girls any support whatsoever.

My boobs now look super droopy while wearing this brand of bra, and it ultimately just protects R.T. more than giving me the perk that I SO desire after my baby has left my girls saggier than ever. All in all, if you’re looking for padding, but no support, by all means, buy these bras! They are pretty cost effective ($24 for three bras on Amazon) and if you get enough of them they may take you far, but I lost about 50 lbs after I had my baby so they did not withstand the baby weight loss and boobie support I needed.

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How about the perfect bra for the first couple weeks of your baby’s life?

I had to wait a week before these were shipped from Amazon, and I so wish I had them the first days after birth. (Our baby girl came a bit earlier than her due date…)SO don’t make the same mistakes I did, get these cozy bras WEEKS in advance just in case and so you can be comfortable tending to your baby and nursing with ease. 

 I loved the Stelle Brand ^^ because they are cotton which makes them super breathable, they supported my breast while I was nursing and while I was wearing, and they didn’t have itchy hooks digging in my back or straps pulling at my shoulders. For your first weeks postpartum, take it easy, cuddle loads with that squishy newborn, and keep it chill. You need it mentally and physically, and this is the bra to keep you in that #chillmode.

Now for the bra that will still make you feel sexy and perky after your boobs droop.

I think the smiley-faced lady in the picture above speaks a little bit for itself, this nursing bra is the best of both worlds. It’s more pricey, unfortunately, but the investment is well worth it for a GOOD nursing bra! You’ll get support, your breasts will look young and perky again like before the baby days, and it just fits well into the daily life outside your frumpy days.

If this bra doesn’t impress you, then keep perusing Amazon and Target and all the maternity stores you come across during your preggo days, just be sure to find the right one for you AND try to avoid an underwire at all costs. You don’t want Mastitis, it is the most painful thing to happen to me. (and I did an unmedicated home birth… yeah…)

Hope these tips help! Happy parenting, new mama! Share with other new mommies out there. which nursing bra to buy




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4 Comments on The Nursing Bra you should Avoid Buying…

  1. I loved the bras you posted not to get and I’ve had them for about a year now. They have high ratings on Amazon too 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Thanks for your input! Yeah, like I said in the article, it didn’t work for me as I started off wearing them at a heavier weight and as I lost the weight the elastics didn’t stay snug. But, killer deal and yes they do work for others. 😉 To each her own! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I defintely agree on having bra that’s supportive. I actually bought the exact same bra referenced in the first picture – 12 weeks into my second pregnancy. I grew 2 cup sizes practically overnight and I was spilling out of my normal bras, plus, I was super sensitive. It’s SUPER comfy, but not super supportive. I’ll probably use the lighter ones for nighttime/home nursing, but I’m with you – anything that helps you feel sexy after giving birth definitely deserves a spot in my closet. One brand I really wanted to splurge on but could never justify spending the money was Dita Von Teese – she actually designed an entire line of beautiful, supportive, lacy, pretty nursing bras. But they are just SO expensive. One day, maybe 😉

    • Oooo my gosh… The Dita Von Teese bras are so cute! One day… Maybe for my next baby I will splurge, especially if they are comfortable. Nothing like a comfy and sexy bra to make my day! The best comfy bra has been the sports bra like ones I linked in this article, by far. So maybe I can find a sexy sports bra for a good price too. Ha ha. We will see! Thanks for your insight!

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