There’s nothing like stay-at-home motherhood to drive you to start new hobbies to keep your self-care and Mom time on point.

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If This Lost Mama misses her weekly self-care time, the whole house knows… And it’s not pretty. Hormones are rolling, schedules and routines get thrown, it’s just a mess, really.

I hope I’m not the only one! But, sometimes, it feels like it. I see other mothers on Instagram and social media, looking positively radiant in their every day mamahood. And I look at their lives through my little phone screen and think, “Are they really getting by without self-care?”

I would be lying to myself if I thought these seemingly perfect women were getting by without alone mom time. We all need it, whether we are moms or dads or kids, everyone needs to do a little something for themselves on a weekly or, better yet, daily basis.

The thing is, every time I get the opportunity to do something for me, when the hubby takes our baby and says I should go out and get out, I come up blank… Nothing comes to mind, and I feel lost. 

So, I’ve created my go-to list of affordable crafts and projects that I can order on Amazon and have at the ready when my routine self-care and much needed alone time presents itself.

Learn to Weave Macrame, start by making these Statement Necklaces with this Kit, $12

 Then further your technique with these DIY Necklace Designs, $23

Paint this exact painting by using a guided DIY Oil Painting Canvas kit $12.99 or click here for more than just flowers to paint!

Make your baby’s toys on your own with these Wooden Cubes $16

And if you’re baby is older, assemble and paint this 3D Wooden Plane, $13 

Start your green thumb with this Succulent and Cactus growing kit $25 (this kit goes on sale often, 15% off! Save it to an Amazon list to track it!)

 This is kind of like a Bullet Journal… For people who need to let off steam and NOT be organized for once in their life.

Wreck this Journal, $9

I’ve always wanted to learn how to whittle, there is something so therapeutic about it… Whittling Projects Book, $10 

These make a small statement piece, as well as a place to drop your keys, your bobby pins, or your rings at the end of the day. Thread Bowl Kit, $13 

Or play with paper mache with the Paper Bowl Kit, $17

The neat thing about a lot of these projects is you could create a lot of these without getting the kits! They may even work as an idealist every time you’re at a loss at what to do for your alone time and to reset yourself with self-care. So don’t let the prices stop you, fix your sewing machine and be sure to do something for you, a creative outlet, so we don’t get lost in this crazy world of motherhood.

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