Beautiful design can be in subtle details with hints of color here and there, or it can be loud and bold. Let’s see how we can do the subtle classy beauty in our home with this quick tip.

How do you start the room design? The intricate rug. Most rugs have a lot of color in them, pattern and designs. This is why they are typically the first building block for the space. In the case where we’re designing a neutral room, this might be the only color in the room, with all the other furnishings and decor supporting the rug design and color.

From the rug, the rest of the room kind of falls into place. I know that white furniture can be scary to buy, but it can also be the easiest to maintain with cleaning products. Invest in an upholstery cleaner like this one.

Here are the links for the image above: Area Rug, Artwork, Sofa Sectional, Accent Chair, Decorative Bowl, Coffee Table, Stools.

For a bedroom design, I’d say it starts the same as the family room (with the rug) but be sure to kind of pair it with the headboard/bed frame. They come together, really. In the room below, I loved pairing the tribal hints in the rug with the vertical lines of the corduroy on the bed frame.

Here are the links to the products for the Primary Bedroom: Area Rug, Wall Sconces, Upholstered Stools, Nightstands, Velvet Green Pillows, Bed Frame, Artwork.

If you are ever caught up on decisions for what to select for your room, look to the colors and designs in the rug to pull from. Try to get a sample of the rug if you can, then you can see it in more than just the digital image.

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