Anyone else get super anxious about germs during the sick season? Like you want to follow your babies around with disinfectant wipes…

And the COVID-19 virus is also freaking me out a WEE lil bit. So we’re digging the days in our homemade sandbox. (You see the pun there?)

So all sick season, I start with things that PREVENT sickness! These are my go-to probiotic, immune building and vitamins. Dr. Christopher’s formulas (Vitamins & Immune) are my favorite, and as you can see in the picture they are used frequently!

And the RAW probiotics kids I love to put in the kids’ cereal or morning milk to drink. I only used about 1/4 tsp for my babies 3 yrs old and under. The recommendation is for 4 and up, but I was told in the natural foods store that it was fine for babies, too. And it’s worked great for them!

No constipation from the RAW probiotics and helps them if they are starting to feel under the weather.

Next, if my oldest (who is three) starts getting a runny nose, sneezing and borderline coughing I run to the Similasan (recommended for age 2+). It’s homeopathic and works quickly!

And it also has immune support! I love it more than Tylenol or Ibuprofen because it helps the body fight instead of suppressing it, you know? But if things are REALLY bad you can combine this with the acetaminophens and help your kiddo sleep better.

Now for the babies under two, I use the Zarbee’s brand! Elderberry and Honey, Agave and Ivy Leaf, Eucalyptus chest rub, you name it. I’ve used all except the ones that add melatonin.

Oh, and I just discovered Maty’s Cough and Mucus and it is all-natural and all amazing.

Last, but not least, vitamin D drops and calming tablets for the wee little infants. There are a lot of Vitamin D supplements for baby’s out there and I’ve tried a few and they are HARD to give to a wiggly baby. So instead of going through all of them like I’ve had to do, go buy Zarbee’s with the syringe.

Secondly, get the Hylands baby calming tablets. It’s little tablets to help calm fussy times, like the witching hour! And you can give three tablets every fifteen minutes, four times and then every couple hours after then if the fussiness continues.

That completes my list! If I don’t have anything listed here that would help your baby in particular check out the brands I mentioned on Amazon. They all hold a lot of products that are natural, homeopathic and immune-supporting instead of suppressing!

Please share this article so that others can prepare during this pandemic and not be scared of the sickness, but prepared and strong during it all!


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