It’s dinner time! And if your dinner time is anything like ours, you are looking at your pantry and fridge contents trying to make some sort of meal out of it. That’s really how we make all of our creations ’round the Simmons home, and that was how this meal was born. So, whether you follow this recipe exactly, or use it to inspire your own creation, I hope you enjoy it!


2 Turkey Breasts

2 Tomatoes on the vine

1 Box of scalloped potatoes


Oregano, Basil, Salt & Pepper, and a touch of Garlic powder


Start with layering the scalloped potatoes on the bottom of a greased pan. (follow instructions on box to make scalloped potato sauce, or if you are a super mama you can always slice real potatoes, lay them on the bottom of the pan, and grate a layer of cheese on top.) Then place turkey breasts atop the potatoes. And on top of those place sliced tomato. Season all with oregano, basil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, about 1 tbsp each. (We just don’t really measure, we are rebels like that…)

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 mins. Every oven is different, so an easy way to check if it’s done is if the potatoes are soft and are showing a golden (caramelized) brown edge.

Is your mouth watering yet? Cause mine is just writing out this recipe… Bon appetit!

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