Who wants to run away to this tucked away cabin with their special someone? The aesthetics and design of this mountain modern getaway is pulling me towards glamping so bad right about now.

image of a luxurious cabin interior design

Back up a bit though, I’ve been doing this fun game over on my Instagram called #thisorthatthursday, where my followers vote between a variety of image comparisons in my stories. And with their votes, I construct a room and render it for them to see. Showing off my sweet sweet design presentation skills, but also trying to spread the word on how amazing Interior Designers can be. (Join us next Thursday!)

exterior rendering of a modern cabin
Here’s an exterior rendering of the getaway!

So, unfortunately, this cabin is not a real place. *sad violin playing in the background* Maybe I’ll be rich enough to build it one day! But, good news! If you are looking for this kind of design in your space, I’ve got sources for you right here!

That’s why you came to this page in the first place, right? 😉

modern furniture ideas and images
  1. Cognac Leather Sofa
  2. Leather Lounge Chair
  3. Cowhide Rug
  4. Modern Glass + Metal Coffee Table
  5. Dining Side Chairs
  6. Sofa Side Table w/Storage
  7. Modern Lamp

In addition to these essential items, you are going to need to consider how you can bring the room together with paint and colors, as well as what finishing touches you can incorporate to make it just perfect.

To create cozy cabin vibes, you will need to first consider whether you are going to keep the aesthetic wooden look for the walls. You can combine this with a statement wall of color, or instead, opt for painted walls all over. You can still achieve this gorgeous design with paint, you will just need to be particular with what color palette you choose. Make sure they are earthy tones, such as greys, greens, dark blues, browns, and oranges.

Next, add some fun textures with cozy blankets, plush pillows, and comfortable seating. The best part about adding textures to your dream cabin? You don’t have to buy anything new! You can use the things you have lying around to introduce texture into your cabin—find fun embroidery patterns or crochet projects to spice up your new home.

To bring the room together, you may think about what features you can add. Many people will choose items like plants and animals, to really bring that “cabin in the woods” vibe to life. You should also consider culturally appropriate artwork that will fit with the theme as well as your values. Artwork is a great tool to use to bring together a room.

You should take some time to consider what art would best fit into the room and where you can source the most appropriate items. If you are really serious about artwork, then you may choose to visit museums and exhibitions for inspiration. There are many museums that are becoming more culturally sensitive and showcasing a range of different artwork, as suggested by Freddi Wald.

Hunker down and save all your pennies like I am and maybe one day we can peace out to this cabin every weekend. <3 Please invite me if you get there first, I’d prefer to be near a lake if you’d be taking any suggestions on location. 😉

Also, if you don’t see what you’d like in the images above, please visit my Amazon Idea lists for more modern and fun design ideas in my taste by clicking through this link! You’d be supporting me and my blog by shopping through my link. Thanks!

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