Modern. Sleek. Fun colored. Some are expensive, some are a steal! These sconces are some great options for modern lights on Amazon. Let me tell you what I’m thinking for my master bedroom!

plugin wall mounted lights

I’ve been reading in the dark lately… and I’ve been trying to keep busy too… Bradlee has been working more hours because of car sale events and management training and holidays are just around the corner so it’s about to the busiest time of year for him, and honestly, it’s growing to be the least favorite time of year for me…

So, I’m making lemonade out of the lemons I’m given! Why not design, right my friends? I’ve been working on a pipe shelf project that you can check out on my Instagram stories. But that hit a block in the road when I roamed Home Depot and saw that the 8′ boards I need for the shelves will be $80 total… And I was up for my budget for the month. Ah… to be rich and famous, amiright?

So, I took to a FREE project I did in my very own bedroom and decided to also collect future ideas for wall sconces too.

Guys, I DESIGNED my own piece of furniture! Check it…

I took this Furrino Side table that I got on Amazon years ago (2 for $30 bucks! It was a college student’s dream purchase!) And some hairpin legs I had purchased a LONG time ago for another project that fell through, and I made my first furniture piece… BE proud! I’m proud. 😉

And when my personal monthly budget kicks into gear next month I’m so looking forward to buying the boards for the shelves and choosing a wall sconce for our bedside to accompany this new table design!

That would mean I have about $30 per sconce for the month… And a lot of these sconces are much more than that and I LOVE their style, BUT there are some that are just right for the price and I’m wondering if they will look too cheap. Check em out and let me know what you think…

  1. $38 Industrial Mini Sconce
  2. $140 for two industrial sconces, these match our kitchen pendants!
  3. $40 Novogratz Modern sconce. This is my first choice right now! So sleek and transitions the cord into the design so well.
  4. $70 Venice Midcentury Modern Lamp
  5. 2 for $34! Licperron dimmable wall sconce! This is a steal.. But I wonder how cheap it would look.
  6. Casteri Globe Wall Lamp
  7. iYoee Wall Sconce. $25 on Prime Day! Steal! But I’d have to wire this one or use puck lights to light them up and just mount them to the wall.
  8. $119 Globe Electric Berkeley
  9. $67 Midcentury Green Lamp
  10. $35 Rivet Scandinavian Wall Sconce. Amazon Brand!

There you have it! Leave your vote below in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think. You see my bedside in the pic above, what lamp looks best, and which is the best deal do you think?!

Also, it’s Prime Day while I’m publishing this! If you are looking for steals, follow any of the links above and go shop, you’d be supporting my blog cause I’m an affiliate! No shame plug here, I’d love the support and I love supporting other blogs so I’m about to go buy some groceries through someone else’s link. Give a little during these crazy times!


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