If you want your space to look big, bold but liveable, these designer tips may come in handy for your smaller townhome or condo space.

There are so many townhomes going up here in Davis County, Utah! It’s getting a little bit out of hand if you ask me… But they are pretty efficient when it comes to housing such an influx of people moving here. Does anyone else feel they’re ready for homestead living with how traffic on highways is getting??

Anyhow, let’s not get too deep into overpopulated spaces and instead write up some tips to help your space feel just right when you’re planning out a kitchen/living combined area.

First, look for sweet stylish lighting. It could be a row of small pendants like these or a ceiling light that doesn’t drop into the room at all like this.

Next, you can choose bold curtains (mounted higher than you’re windows) to create interest, especially against a muted wall beyond.

Lastly, we could blend various artworks to create interest, and keep furnishings simple, then pop with a textured rug. Check out all the links for the inspiration board layout image of furnishings below!

Kichler Gold Chandelier Light

Poly and Bark Bar Stools

Gold Framed Artwork ideas

Striped Runner Rug

Midcentury Modern Side Chair

Thanks for stopping by! Comment below if you want to see more suggestions!


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