Bringing modern elements to your interior design is both exciting and rewarding – whether you live in an older home, or needing an update, by making simple changes you can instantly modernize it and make your space both comfortable and current. In this blog post we’ve listed 16 tips on how you can upgrade your design and give your space the facelift it needs!

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1. Utilize Bold Colors

Adding bold, vibrant hues can quickly refresh any home. By including pops of vibrant hues in furniture, wall art or accessories you’re sure to bring life and excitement into any room!

2. Replace any outdated fixtures

Replacing outdated light fixtures or plumbing features with updated models is an effective way to modernize your home. Consider choosing lighting with energy-saving LED bulbs and fixtures made from striking materials like stone, brass and bronze for additional visual interest.

3 Built-in storage solutions are timeless chic.

Built-in storage solutions like shelving units and cabinets not only help make your space appear more organized but also create a modern aesthetic. Employing concealed storage solutions helps create an uncluttered look without compromising style.

4. Select interesting accent pieces

Choose decorative items with distinct charm to give your decor some personality and add unique character. Incorporating vintage furniture or quirky artwork can create an eclectic yet modern atmosphere in your home.

5. Add geometric shapes into furniture designs

Geometric shapes add contemporary style to any space. Look for furniture featuring hexagons, diamonds or chevron prints for an eye-catching touch of modernity that won’t go unnoticed!

6. Improve window treatments

Replacing outdated curtains with modern shades or considering plantation shutter installation is one of the fastest ways to instantly bring a room up-to-date. Consider motorization for added ease and style.

7. Integrate natural elements.

Natural materials like stone, wood and plants can create an inviting and vibrant environment in your space. Add these striking elements into furniture pieces, accent walls or as simple touches like vase filled with fresh flowers or succulents!

8. Mix Your Fabrics

Experimenting with different fabrics in each room will create an engaging combination that’s modern yet inviting at the same time. Look for fabrics like velvet, linen, wool and cotton to bring different textures and hues.

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9. Use wall art to make a statement

Wall art can add instant modernity to any room. Experiment with abstract pieces or photographs prints that help anchor the space without competing with other design elements in the room.

10. Include metal accents to give the impression of sophistication.

Metallic accents such as gold or silver can instantly add sophistication and glamour to any home decor scheme. Look for furniture, accessories, or lighting fixtures with metallic details for an effortlessly stylish look!

11. Purchase quality furniture pieces

High-quality furniture is timeless and built to outlive other items in your home, saving both time and money in the long run by not needing replacement so frequently. By investing in quality pieces now, they will last much longer!

12. Include exciting patterns.

Patterned items are an easy way to incorporate modern style without going overboard. Try incorporating small touches like throw pillows, rugs, and curtains featuring geometric prints for a fresh yet timeless chic aesthetic.

13. Reuse What You Can

Before purchasing new items for your home, take a moment and assess what items already belong to you that can be reused or recycled into something more modern – this helps reduce waste while adding thoughtful personal touches! Doing this not only cuts costs but can add some great character into any room!

14. Paint Your Walls

Fresh coat of paint can quickly transform a room, instantly updating its appearance. Consider painting one wall in an eye-catching accent hue for added visual interest or opt for subdued hues like whites and grays for a stylish minimalist aesthetic.

15. Install statement lighting.

Lighting is an essential feature in any room, but it can also add decorative flair! Look for unique shapes and materials such as glass, wood or metal to make your lighting pop in any room! Lighting adds instant style!

16. Swap out or upgrade old appliances.

Older appliances tend to be less energy efficient, increasing operational and maintenance costs over time. If an appliance such as your water heater, furnace, or air conditioner is 10-15 years old it might be wiser to consider upgrading with one that offers higher efficiencies to save money and avoid future costly repairs.

Bonus Tip! Update Your Floors

Your floors aren’t just for walking on, and they add much more to a room’s appeal than you would’ve thought. It’s worth giving them an update if you haven’t done anything with them in a while. By working with a flooring specialist, you can put in something you’ll love without needing to put too much time, effort, or even money into it.

Within no time you will be able to transform any room into something stylish and contemporary – regardless of your budget! With just a few small updates you can create an inviting space that reflects your own personal style – so get creative today and start changing up your home!


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