We all need a little design inspiration once in awhile, yes?

And in a world where everything is LITERALLY at your fingertips, it’s so hard to decide what your style is when a plethora of images and products are constantly popping up on your feeds of Instagram and Pinterest.

Am I right?

So, instead of just saving that elegant picture of the perfect master bedroom, nursery or living room over and over again. Let’s make those creations a reality with this simple vignette and links to products (I may make a commission, at no extra cost to you!) and on top of the resources to this cozy contemporary master, here are some must-know guidelines for the new decorator on how to create a timeless design!

#1 Start with some bling.

Who doesn’t love a touch of gold to warm the space, do just that with these elegant table lamps. I love gold, I actually have spray painted a lot of things in my home (dresser knobs, bookends, a lamp) to warm up a room with gold accents. Don’t be afraid of something out of the ordinary! To make a great design, something in the room needs to pop out and draw the eyes in.

#2 Their is no better way to bring in color than curtains.

There seem to be only two places that you can justify adding crazy patterns and colors and not have it be over the top. Pillows. And Curtains. It may sound crazy, but curtains can truly set the tone and style of the entire room. Traditional deep colors and shags, contemporary patterns, cool florals (pictured above), and modern bold colors.

Don’t fear color when looking at the perfect curtains for your space! Be sure to stick with a color scheme, obviously, but don’t give up on color because it’s a little scary.

 ^^ See my inspiration from design-seeds here ^^

#3 Your bed should be timeless.

When looking for a bed frame you are searching for something beautiful as well as functional. For instance, we bought a bed frame that is fashionable and works great with our room overall, but it isn’t comfortable to lean up against and read a book at the end of the day.

Moral of the story, if you like to read choose a chic upholstered headboard, and if you’re one to just sleep at the end of the day choose a weathered farmhouse headboard to rest your pretty little head.

#4 Personal Touches never go out of style.

I have become pretty obsessed with wall weavings and macrame lately, and can’t stop looking them up on Pinterest to see the variety of endless creations people are making. I even found a local artisan who sells them and have my eye set on one to nudge the hubby into getting for me on my birthday next year.

Needless to say, these sort of gems you find to hang on the wall, trinkets to place on the dresser, and gifts like an old Chinese jewelry box your father gave you on one of his business trips when you were twelve (true story) are what make a room. Even though it may not fit perfectly in the scheme of things, it tells a story, and that’s what gives the room a voice, and that voice speak volumes.

#5 The less Matchy-Matchy, the better.

I know it is safe to just buy the bedroom set that you see in the Macey’s and RC Willey catalogs, but resist the temptation if you can! It may seem like a good idea at the time, but if your goal is to achieve what high-end designers are hired for and what is published in architectural magazines, the bed set is not the way to go, my friend.

Search for night stands or even side accent tables that stay in your color scheme like mentioned above, and maybe add a different coordinating pattern or texture that brings depth into the space.

When he’s not jet-setting for celebrity clients like @kimkardashian and @chrissyteigen, celebrity makeup artist @makeupbymario retreats to a plush penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side that he calls “a refuge from the chaos of the city and my life.” Dedivanovic enlisted the help of designer @ryankorban to transform the sleek and modern condo into a home that feels fresh and not overly decorated. “I wanted to channel the new generation’s interest in design and relationship to luxury as something that’s meant to be used and not put away on a shelf,” says Korban. “Mario is so young and successful, and he has such a lifestyle. I wanted it to feel aspirational and a little frivolous—things don’t always have to be so practical.” Take the home tour through the #linkinbio Photo by @franparente; text by @jenfernand

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#6 Don’t go Paint crazy.

To make a timeless room that won’t end up driving you and your significant other insane, choose a neutral color and paint all walls that color. No accent paint wall. Accent wallpapers, shiplap, and textured wallcoverings that go with your style look AMAZING but having one wall a different color than the others isn’t the way to add depth to the room.
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#7 A Place to Sit is never Neglected.

And having a place to set something down is much appreciated for the every day, busy life. Having somewhere in your bedroom that you can sit other than the edge of your bed adds to the functionality of your master bedroom, as well as the livability. Add a beautiful accent chair in the corner for reading space or a glider for rocking your baby to make your room speak more than just a sleeping space, but a resting place, a sanctuary, if you will.

You serve a purpose by adding chairs or poufs to the room, it adds dimension with different levels of furniture and the textures can complete the room.

#8 Rugs don’t belong atop Carpet.

So if you would like a Moroccan Shag Rug in your bedroom because it is the latest trend but you have carpet in your master, tear it up and DIY some beautiful (could be cheap) laminate planks, because rugs on top of carpet are tacky and redundant in my humble opinion.

Designing a room that looks like it’s been professionally orchestrated takes guts, and is not for the light-minded. You’ve gotta take risks! Risks with color, pattern, paint, a funky rug, and without even knowing it you will be making trends instead of just following them. 

(This post probably contains affiliate links, no additional cost comes from using these links to purchase the products referred, but I may receive a small commission, thank you!)


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