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A long-distance move can be all the more challenging when you have kids. On top of making sure all of their possessions are packed and transported safely, you need to help your kids mentally prepare and adjust. Quite how you should handle the move may depend very much on the age of your kids, however there are few universal tips worth considering that are listed below. 

Talk to your kids about the move

It’s worth warning kids well in advance about your plans to move. This can prevent it from being as much of a shock. With older kids, it could be particularly important to regularly check in with how they are feeling about the move and to try and make them feel as involved as possible in the planning stages. 

Time the move right

If your kids are in school, you should consider a time of the year that will cause as little disruption as possible to their education. The summer break is usually the best time to move as it allows them to finish the year and complete any exams they may be doing. Ideally, you should aim to arrive at your new home a few weeks before school starts so that they have some time to adjust to their new home. 

Save yourself some stress by hiring a helping hand

Moving and transporting all of your belongings yourself isn’t recommended when you have kids – especially when undertaking a long-distance move. It’s much more convenient to hire interstate movers to carry out the entire task for you so that you can focus on looking after your kids. There are times when it may also be worth asking a friend or family member to babysit the kids while you’re packing or overseeing certain elements of the move. This is worthwhile with young kids who are likely to get under your feet and slow you down – it’s better to get them out of the way so that you can do what needs to be done safely and efficiently. 

Occupy kids during the journey

It’s important to prepare for the journey itself too. If kids enjoy the journey to their new home, they’re more likely to arrive feeling positive and adjust easier. Make sure that young kids have everything they need to keep them occupied. This includes toys to play with and snacks to eat. When bringing a tablet to play on, make sure that this is fully charged up beforehand or consider bringing a portable charger. If kids have a toy that brings them comfort, it may be worth allowing them to keep this close during the move. 

Reorganize your kids’ room as soon as possible

Once kids arrive in their new home, try to unpack their belongings as soon as possible and help them organize their room. This will help them to adjust more easily to their new room as it will be full of familiar possessions. Older kids may want to decorate and organize their room themselves. It may be worth discussing ways of designing their new bedroom with them before you move.


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