Some call doing your own design cheap, some call it frugal, we call it fun! And with the right tools and resources, it can save loads of money buying the products and doing the projects on your own.

The question everyone asks themselves before taking on a project is, what projects can I do on my own? And what projects should I leave to the professionals?

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We’re moving soon!! And we couldn’t be more excited to get into this newly built home and make it our very own!

I know, it seems kind of weird to move into a BRAND NEW home and immediately change things… But a LOT of builders these days are charging an arm and a leg to upgrade things in the home, and I just couldn’t bring myself to paying for something I could do on my own!

Also, DIY projects are life. 😉

Some people may come across this post and hope to see how beautiful we make our new home, and others are probably curious if it’s going to become an epic fail. And I have to be honest, I don’t know exactly how this will all pan out doing things I’ve NEVER done all on my own, but I’m hoping for success, and I’m typically stubborn enough to get my way. 😉

So, here goes our new adventure! Starting with the Kitchen and Living room layout, some items are things we already have but I will link a reference to similar products, and other things are what we will be purchasing and trying on our own. (I’ll link the tutorials below as we go along. Subscribe to our email list on the sidebar to get updates!)

kitchen and living room design ideas on a budget

Arabesque Backsplash | Quartz Countertop (Found this peel and stick marble pattern that may be fun to try if you’re wanting a cheap upgrade) | Top Cabinet Pull Option | Middle Cabinet Pull Option | Bottom Cabinet Pull Option | Vinyl Plank Flooring | Fireplace Mantel | Succulent Decor | Fireplace Brick | Sofa Loveseat | Curtains (Or a more cost effective one here) | Area Rug | Floor Lamp

We have three different cabinet pulls that we have yet to decide between, but are really leaning towards a gold or antique bronze over the brushed nickel look to add color to the room. What do you think?! Follow me on Instagram to give input as we go along as well! We would love your insight!

See our Tutorials as we go along here:

Check out our DIY Brick Fireplace Tutorial here.

See how we applied hardware to our cabinets on our own here.

Also, we applied our own backsplash and told you all about it here!


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