Your home should be your sanctuary. A place full of comforting environments to find refuge from life’s pressures and finally discover relaxation. But, starting an extensive interior design project might seem daunting when you’re already leading a busy modern life.

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Don’t fret though, we’re here to provide 35 ingenious interior design tips and tricks to transform your living space into an inviting haven. And we’ll do it all without any commitments of time or too much effort on your part. 

Let’s get jump right in.

  1. Declutter and Organize

Kickstart your quest to revitalize your home by decluttering and organizing each space you own. Begin in one room at a time, sort through items in each closet, and get rid of things no longer serving their intended function. This initial step will lay the groundwork so don’t scrimp on things like floor cleaning or proper organization.

  1. Exploit Color 

Color can evoke emotion and set the ambiance for any room you enter. So choose hues that resonate with both your personal aesthetic and desired atmosphere to instantly and vibrantly transform a space.

  1. Switch Up Throw Pillows and Cushions

Don’t underestimate the impact that throw pillows and cushions can have on your decor. These simple elements can inject fresh life into sofas and chairs. Experiment with different textures, patterns, sizes and fabrics for your living space to give it its own personality and flair.

  1. Rearrange Furniture

A furniture rearrange can do absolute wonders. Consider how people move through each room and experiment with various layouts to maximize space while adding visual interest. A simple step like this one could radically revitalize its appearance and feel.

  1. Bring Nature Indoors 

Plants provide an instant sense of vitality into any room in your home, creating an instant burst of nature inside. Select plants suited for your level of commitment whether seasoned plant parent or brand new to caring for greenery.

  1. Experiment With Lighting 

Lighting can be one of the unsung heroes in interior design. Take full advantage of its power by exploring various lighting options. Add pendant lights for elegance, floor lamps for cozy reading nooks or string lights for some whimsical fun into your decor.

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  1. Include Mirrors

Mirrors can transform spaces by amplifying light and creating the impression of more expansiveness. Strategically place mirrors near windows or in narrow corridors to add depth and brightness into rooms.

  1. Hang Artwork and Photographs

Art and photographs offer windows into our souls, adding meaning and character to every corner of your space. Create an art gallery wall or select standout pieces that speak to you to elevate its aesthetic instantly.

  1. Upgrade Window Treatments

Change up your interior decor by upgrading window treatments, like blinds, shades, curtains and drapes, to add depth and character. Choosing from these options are excellent as they help control lighting levels while offering enhanced privacy features.

  1. Focus on Textures

Texture can bring visual interest and tactile comfort into any living space. Add textures through plush rugs, cozy throw blankets and tactile cushions for an inviting layered effect in any room in your house.

  1. Rejuvenate With Scents

Scent can have an incredible power to evoke memories and emotions. Add pleasant fragrances into your home by way of candles, essential oil diffusers or fresh flowers to create an inviting ambiance and sensory haven.

  1. Adopt Minimalism

Simplicity is at the core of sophistication. Embrace minimalist living by decluttering and prioritizing only essential pieces in your decor. Clean lines, neutral tones and open spaces all come together to form a peaceful setting that fosters relaxation.

  1. Customize With Unique Accessories

Accessories add character and personalize a space. Seek out really unique, meaningful pieces that tell your story, such as vintage finds, travel souvenirs or family heirlooms that add dimension. By accessorizing in style these unique additions bring new life into any interior space.

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  1. DIY Projects and Upcycling

Channel your creativity into DIY projects and upcycling ventures. Repurpose old furniture, make artwork of your own design or give discarded decor items new purpose through these projects. They’ll not only save money but also bring a sense of pride because, well, you built it with your own fair hands!

  1. Add an Eye-Catching Focal Point

A captivating focal point can anchor and draw attention to any room, creating visual interest and drama. Try using something like furniture, art or architecture as the centerpiece to the room for maximum effect and drama.

  1. Revamp Storage Solutions

Storage solutions don’t have to compromise style for functionality. Look for ottomans, stylish shelving units and decorative baskets as ways of controlling clutter while adding more aesthetic elements into the design of your room.

  1. Play with Patterns

Pattern play adds visual interest and dimension to any home decor scheme. Mix and match patterns on upholstery, textiles and accessories confidently while creating an unified color palette to tie everything together.

  1. Experiment With Open Shelving

Open shelving offers the ideal opportunity to display all of your precious decor and essentials with style. Select books, plants and ornamental pieces from your personal library to curate an eye-catching but personal display.

  1. Include Accent Walls

Accent walls add drama and interest to any room, whether with colorful paint colors, eye-catching wallpaper designs, or textured panels as focal points. An accent wall makes an immediate statement that absolutely transforms any space instantly.

  1. Embark On Hygge and Coziness

Welcome to the Danish concept of hygge. The idea is to create an inviting and relaxing space, layer soft textures over warm lighting fixtures, and organize comfortable seating arrangements to promote relaxation and connection. See this post on how I transformed this space into a hygge cozy living room.

  1. Establish a Reading Nook 

Carve out an intimate corner to set aside as your own personal nook. By placing comfy furniture, soft lighting, and your collection of favorite books in this peaceful oasis, it’ll serve both to relax you and provide some well-needed intellectual stimulation.

  1. Add Vintage Finds

Introduce vintage and antique finds into your home for added pizzazz. They add really unique character while telling their own story and providing your space with a charm that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.

  1. Experiment With Wall Art

Make an eye-catching gallery wall by curating an eclectic display. Incorporating lots of different sizes and types of artwork can showcase your personal tastes while providing a really eye-catching focal point.

  1. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Make the most out of your space with multipurpose pieces like convertible sofas and storage ottomans. They provide maximum functionality without losing any of their style appeal.

  1. Revamp Your Entryway

Make a great first impression for guests entering your home by refreshing its entryway. Consider adding features such as a beautiful mirror, stylish console table or vibrant plants to welcome all who enter with open arms.

  1. Introduce Monochrome

Monochrome color schemes absolutely ooze sophistication and elegance. And they offer limitless possibilities to create harmonious interior spaces. Opting for just one hue allows for maximum impact in any setting you choose.

  1. Display Travel Souvenirs

Your travel experiences provide endless sources of creativity. Incorporate souvenirs, textiles and artwork from your journeys into your room to add a cultured vibe to the space.

  1. Layer Rugs 

Rug layering can add depth and comfort to any space, creating an engaging visual and tactile experience for visitors in any given location. So be adventurous! Experiment with various textures, sizes, patterns and combinations.

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  1. Attempt Wall Decals

Looking for something exciting yet temporary to change up the decor on your walls? Wall decals offer the ideal short-term solution, enabling you to experiment with patterns, quotes and designs and can make for great renovation ideas for the kitchen.

  1. Revive Outdoor Spaces

Pay attention to your outdoor areas too. Whether they’re balconies, patios or backyards, you bring these spaces back to life by decorating with furniture, plants and lighting to extend your indoor living space outdoors.

  1. Experiment With Textile Layering

Textiles play an indispensable part in creating warm and welcoming living areas. Faux fur throws, knitted blankets and velvet cushions all lend warmth, depth and luxuriousness to living rooms and bedrooms alike. 

  1. Creating a Zen Corner

Bring serenity into your life by designating an area in your home to pure relaxation. A comfortable meditation cushion, serene artwork and soothing scents all contribute to creating an oasis of calm that encourages inner peace and well-being.

  1. Take on Eclectic Styling

Eclectic styling allows you to cobble together various different design elements harmoniously and creatively. Draw pieces from multiple eras, cultures and styles together into an inviting room that speaks of all your tastes.

  1. Upgrade Smart Home Technology 

Integrate smart technology into your living space for both aesthetics and convenience. Everything from smart lights and thermostats to voice activated assistants can really enhance everyday living.

  1. Transform With Temporary Wallpaper 

Temporary wallpaper provides a practical way of changing any space, instantly turning any room into an arena for creative and expressive expression. Choose from our diverse array of patterns ranging from subtle to striking to witness the immediate transformation.


Before revitalizing your home, keep this in mind; the process should be fulfilling and exciting. Not a complete nightmare! 

You can embark on a creative adventure by adopting these 35 simple interior design tricks, promising an improved living environment. Every change, no matter how minor, is part of a larger narrative about who you are as an individual and where you call home. So go ahead, create an atmosphere that expresses yourself while offering a bit of respite from everyday stresses!


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