One of my new year’s resolutions for 2021 is to start an indoor garden. I’ve wanted to for so long! Like back in my college years! But I just haven’t made the time or effort.

indoor gardening ideas and products to grow plants inside

Rewind a year ago and I did take one step towards this goal! I started seedlings indoors and then moved them to a garden bed outside.

That was so satisfying, guys! I grew tomatoes, corn, and butternut squash from seed to harvest. And from then on I’ve caught the gardeners’ bug (not an actual bug thank goodness… just that it left me wanting for more!)

So, I don’t know if you all have gotten a little weary of the times we’re living in, but I have. A little tired. A little worried. amiright? But what brings me comfort is having a little control over what I can control, it helps me let go of the things I can’t quite get control of.

Part of that control is doing projects, and this project, specifically, helps with my family’s self reliability, experimenting with what I can provide for my family independently from stores, and is therapeutic!


And to make gardening therapeutic for me is to make it beautiful!

So, without further ado, here’s a list of some decor steals that you can propagate plants with, grow plants in, and start seedlings on your very own and with a little taste of style.

These industrial style propagation tubes are to DIE for! I love the simple small details.

I’ve never dabbled in air plants, but these orb tubes would be perfect for it!

After you’ve propagated you can add it to this indoor plant starter set. The best deal for one is linked here on Amazon.

Or you could grab a few of those mason jars you’ve got stacked in the cupboard (gathering dust like mine)… And put it in this wood box as a table centerpiece. An edible one!

Speaking of wood…

Ok, what?! How flippin cute is this for growing those shallow herbs and plants? Or even sweet little flowers like shown above.

Or if you’re looking for a farmhouse potted feel there are so many different deals on pots like these rustic ones pictured above…

And then retro colored ones on Amazon. I’m kind of addicted to color in my home so I’d go for the pink. 😉

Last, but certainly not least, if you are looking to grow bigger plants in your home. Maybe those deeper rooted ones or get a strawberry or tomato vine going you may need a bigger pot. My plan for when I get to this point is to possibly drop the pot into a basket in all trendy fashions to make it flow.

Like these baskets linked here.
And this fiddle leaf tree in a basket, here.

Head on over to my insta to see what’s next on this adventure! I hope you had fun brainstorming fun indoor gardening ideas with me. Leave you’re best tips in the comments to help me grow like I hope my plants do! xo.


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