Being a mom is rarely restful. ESPECIALLY a stay at home mom who works part time on the side. (Me, that’s me)…

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It’s joyful, yes, and often very rewarding, but if you’re struggling to get some me-time, you won’t be able to relax, unwind, and recharge your tired batteries. 

Are you relating to this? If you are currently feeling exhausted because of your role as a mother, then you undoubtedly will be. 

Continuing down a busy path is only going to make you feel more frazzled, so remember the importance of self-care. If you can find ways to rest, you will benefit both your body and your mind.

Here are some suggestions we hope you find useful.

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#1: Delegate your responsibilities

If you have a long to-do list, you will have little time for rest during the day. So, call on people for help. 

You might want to ask your partner or another family member to take on child-caring duties for a few hours, for example. Or find a mom in your neighborhood to trade off babysitting days during the week to get work done.

You could hire a cleaning service for the day to manage some of your household chores. 

And if you’re a working mom, you could ask a willing colleague to take on some of your responsibilities if you think you won’t finish work at a reasonable time. 

#2: Say ‘no’ more often

You don’t have to do absolutely everything that comes your way. Many moms have a long to-do list because they don’t say ‘no’, and consequently end up attending every meeting at school and running themselves ragged when they give in to all of their children’s demands. 

Rest time will become impossible when you try to please everybody and do everything that you think is expected of you. 

Prioritise your time and only do the things that are the most important. The world won’t fall apart if you say ‘no’ occasionally and other people will start to understand that you do have boundaries. 

#3: Manage your child’s bedtime

That pitter-patter of tiny feet on the stairs will likely send shivers down your spine if you’re trying to relax after your child has gone to bed. Just when you thought it was safe to open a glass of wine and watch a little Netflix, you will realise that your me-time isn’t actually me-time after all when you have to deal with the demands of your child. 

Of course, there will be times when your child might need you during the evening so there shouldn’t be a blanket ban on them interrupting your rest time. But if nothing is seriously wrong and your child has problems sticking to a bedtime, it’s important to get on top of the problem. 

There are some tips here on perfecting your child’s bedtime routine so have a read and then speak to other moms you know about the things they do to ensure rest and relaxation after their children have gone to bed. 

Final word

You know rest is important so do what you can to make sure you get it. Being a zombie mom is the hardest on the long thankless days with kids.

And when you do find yourself with the opportunity to rest, don’t be tempted to busy yourself with things around the house, don’t look at work emails, and don’t start to feel guilty because you’re doing very little! 

Give yourself a complete break from anything that could interrupt your relaxation time as you will feel more rested, mentally and physically, if you do. 


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