Sometimes the simplest of changes can make a big difference, and I think changing the light fixtures in a home makes a world of a difference when shaping your unique design.

how to install a pendant light instead of a flush mount light fixture

So, Bradlee and I have talked about getting rid of our b**b light in our entryway for a looong time. It was a bit of a poor choice on the builder’s part, placing a flush mount right next to a can light… Just weird what some big builder corporation companies do, they forget the details when building so many homes.

Oh well, we finally got to this project on a whimsical Saturday night, we drove to our local Lowes and bought a modern chandelier, not unlike these on Amazon if you don’t want to head to Lowes. And I was instantly excited!

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flush mount light next to a can light
modern black chandelier out of box

My little self got the huge ladder out cause Bradlee didn’t want to start it, and that motivated him to have me not climb up it and kill myself. Ha ha. Though, if you are a single gal wanting to do this project on your own, you totally could! Just maybe have someone there to know if you fall or not…. heh..

Ok, check it. The first steps are really easy. Find which breaker to switch for the light your removing and replacing and then click through these images to see what we did.

First, unscrew with a screwdriver. Second, wiggle it a little to loosen it up. It may feel like you have to pop it out and that’s fine, you shouldn’t make any big damages. Third, these magical wires appear! Untwist turning the thimbles lefty-loosey and save them for future use.

A few things we learned about these wires. For our chandelier we would only need three of these five wires, our light needed less electricity to function I guess. I’m no electrician, just a guess. Ha.

Also, we connected the wrong black wire in the end. This is a three-way light, so it turned on two flush mounts that were both connected to two switches, and they are now disconnected (we hope to replace the other flush mount so we’ve just left it for now) and the second flush mount doesn’t turn on. That’s our hypothesis…hope it’s nothing more serious.. to be continued.

Anywho…. here’s our wires with the new chandelier mount about to be screwed in. You’ve already got the screw holes from the flush mount, really, light designers and manufacturers are practically begging you to buy new lights and replace b**b ones.

From here on out, you should have instructions from your new light that will walk you through the rest of your installation, if not, feel free to comment below with questions!

I’ll tell you one thing, one difficult thing about this particular light was trying to weed these three wires into the TINY hole to meet up with the electrical wires in the ceiling. And by that time I had lost my helping husband. So LOTS of concentration and Paw Patrol went into getting those suckers in.

But I did it! Got this beauty all installed and working beautifully. Now, my toddler never wants to turn it off. Designer after my own heart. <3

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