Regularly have family or friends staying round? Got a spare room? Setting up a guest bedroom could be a great way of accommodating your guests. Below are just a few tips on how to design the perfect guest bedroom.

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Declutter and depersonalise

Guests should be made to feel that their bedroom is their own private space. This means reducing clutter and avoiding too many personalized decor choices like photos and souvenirs (unless your guests are most likely to be close family members, in which case they may find these details comforting). Here is a luxury list of accessories on Amazon. Consider keeping a closet empty for hanging clothes in and keep any bedside cabinets clear. If your spare room is currently full of clutter, you may want to dedicate some time to sorting through items first or potentially putting items into self storage units until you’ve decided what to do with them.

Don’t skimp on bedding

It may be tempting to spend less on a mattress and sheets when kitting out a guest bedroom. After all, the bedroom isn’t going to be as heavily used as other bedrooms. However, this could mean that your guests don’t have the best night’s sleep. Instead, shop for bedding as if you were shopping for yourself. You could even go one step beyond this and look into top end bedding that hotels use. This will guarantee that each of your guests sleep well. 

Provide towels

Your guests will appreciate you leaving them towels in their room. They won’t have to ask for towels before having a bath or shower, giving them freedom to wash when they need to. Consider buying some brand new soft towels and place them somewhere that guests will easily find them (such as on top of a chest of drawers or on a hook on the door). You could even supply a bath robe as an extra luxury.

Add some hotel room luxuries

On the topic of luxuries, there are many details that you can add to your guest bedroom to make visitors feel more accommodated. A tea/coffee station is a great little luxury worth providing to make guests feel like they’re in a hotel. Blackout curtains could meanwhile help block out all light to provide a deep sleep for those who are sensitive to the outdoor light. You could also consider a hand written note for guests with the wi-fi code on it. Finally, if there’s an en suite bathroom, consider adding some toiletries for guests to use. This could include soaps and shampoos

Keep it fresh and clean

It’s important that bedding is changed after every individual guest’s stay and that you keep on top of dust and cobwebs. You could even add some houseplants or air fresheners to help purify the air and keep it smelling fragrant. A fresh and clean bedroom will make your guests feel more comfortable, and help them to enjoy their stay. Regularly keeping on top of cleaning could be particularly important if you have a lot of last minute guests staying over. 


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