Whether you live alone in a single-bedroom apartment or a large home with a family of five, sometimes it just feels like there is never enough home space.

But with creativity, time, and some inspiration, you will be shocked at how much extra space you have underutilized. Size is sometimes overrated when designing a home to feel more organized and comfortable. Here are a few simple ways to create more space in your home. 


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Decluttering is the greatest single approach to organizing and optimizing your space. It isn’t easy to create additional space in your home without removing items you don’t need anymore. There are many reasons to declutter. It allows you to spend less time finding items or avoiding repurchasing items you already have. One of the most effective decluttering approaches is going room by room. Divide large intricate spaces into zones to organize and swiftly select which items to keep or discard. Donating things you don’t need would be best instead of throwing them away. 

Select the right storage solution for spaces 

This involves reviewing your storage areas, including the inner closet area, wall nook, or cabinet, before purchasing trays, bins, or racks. Remember your storage measurements when shopping to ensure your things fit particular spaces. This way, you can avoid wasting space. Whether you consider setting your storage pieces side by side or stacking them, figure out how to arrange them without creating dead areas. Also, when purchasing storage solutions, consider what you need to keep. You can also hire someone to create customized storage solutions if you can’t find what you need on the market.

Consider dedicated storage areas

Even if you’ve been exceptionally clever with your storage ideas like cube organizers, hand racks, hooks, and dressers, you may still need more storage space. This is usually the case when attempting to manage a house without closets. This is where dedicated storage spaces would be useful.    An offsite storage unit is an excellent example. This is usually a space outside your home dedicated to keeping things you intend to sell or gift later. Offsite storage may not be necessary if you have a garage serving as catch-all storage in your home. You can speak to garage builders to customize your garage to serve as a worthwhile extra storage area in your home. 

Bring multifunctional furniture 

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Furniture is an excellent piece to add to almost every home. While adding comfort and boosting your interior aesthetic, furniture can also eat up some valuable space. But what if you can reap all the benefits of furniture and still enjoy more space in your home? That is where multifunctional furniture comes in. Multifunctional furniture such as Ottoman-style storage units come in various forms and work great even in tiny spaces. The Ottoman Cubista, for instance, can turn into five mini stools and is great for creating more space when you don’t have the budget for a major remodeling. 

These are a few simple suggestions that allow you to create space and storage and keep your home organized.


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