Home decor and design can be a highly personal thing. While you might want your home to look its best at all times, you also want it to represent who you are and give you a sense of joy and satisfaction each day.

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These changes needn’t be big or expensive, although they can be if you wish, but they do need to tell a story within your home and be something you are happy to see daily.

So how do you go about adding a character to your home, and what can you do to make changes that make your house your home as unique as you are? This post looks at some ways you can do this ranging from simple decor tricks to more complex upgrades or renovations.

Embrace The Style

Somewhat vague, but embracing the style of your theme can give you a starting point to work from. This is especially true if you have an old home that can benefit from restoration to bring out its charm. Look at the time frame it was built, its current features, and the location; look for things that complement this and speak to your own personal style to put your own twist on the decor.

This goes for the outside too, be it a Tudor style house, ranch, Greek Revival, Cape Cod, mid-century or colonial; for example, work with its style and enhance it to give you a traditional look with a more modern feel.

Update Lighting

Lighting your home is an important feature, and it is something that can add buckets of character and charm, not to mention become its own standout point too. But it’s not just the style of lighting you choose that adds character; it’s how you light the room too.

From choosing a custom window replacement that compliments the design of your room and opens up the room than your previous windows to adding spotlights under shelving in recessed spaces or darker rooms and even base boards in the kitchen for increased lighting, there are a wealth of choices to make when it comes to lighting so be sure not to overlook the importance of good light in the room for building character and having its features.

Use Unused Space

If you have an area of your home that is unused, looks awkward, or has no purpose for any reason, use it. You don’t have to turn it into something practical; you can dress it up to make a visual feature of the room, you can add storage to it to help you get to function from it, turn a small corner into a reading nook, or do anything you wish. Get creative, look online for inspiration, and get those wasted spaces doing something to increase the charm and character of your home and spot them from becoming an eyesore.

Open Shelving and Units

Closed cabinets on the walls can detract from the room and make it feel closed off and small. But using open shelving and cabinets can help you to open it right back up again and add some personalization of your own. From using freestanding cabinets with open shelves to adding recessed shelving or walls or as room dividers, you can use this to your advantage decoratively to help you bring some life to the space and show off your belongings in one fell swoop.


Bring nature indoors and create an indoor haven for plants within your home. If you are going for a relaxed, natural vibe, the characteristics of plants and bright colors can instantly add some character and fun to a room as well as create a talking point for visitors. From oversized floor plants such as the Monstera to trailing plants hanging from ceilings or high sleeves to growing herbs on your window ledge, there are endless ways you can use plants within your home to help you add a little something extra.  If you have a large back garden, you can also replace your slidding screen door to let that natural sense of greenery inside as well.

Door Knobs

Frequently used, often overlooked. The humble door knob is essential for pretty much any door and can be an understated way to add charm to your home and elevate its characteristics in a less obvious way. From gold plated to satin nickel or brass, or even fun, quirky metal designs. You can find a design that speaks to your home and befits your personality and home decor style to hope you give your design features a little something extra.
Adding character to your home needn’t be complicated or expensive. You just need to figure out what style you want to go for and what you want it to say about your home, and you can take it from there. Use Pinterest mood boards to help you find inspiration, watch HGTV and get to making those changes today.


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