So when the hubby and I were first married, I did not know how to cook AT ALL. I would attempt to make salsa and it would never be eaten… Cause it sucked… And now, here I am, making my own homemade salsa almost weekly cause we devour it faster than I can make it. Now, people at my husband’s work are now wanting me to make it for them as well!

Really ladies (and gents), it is so simple to make, any white girl (or guy) can pass as a homely, sweet Mexican woman. The women who slave day in and day out over the stove making homemade flautas, tamales and tacos. (Ok, maybe not as good as those women, but pretty darn close!) All you need are these ingredients, a blender and a bag of chips.

Plus about fifteen minutes of prep.


(as pictured above)

1 Cilantro bunch

1 Bell Pepper

2 Cans of Fire Roasted Salsa Style Tomatoes

5 1/2 Roma Tomatoes

1 Pepper from a spicy family (We typically use Jalapenos or Anaheim or even a Chili pepper)

2 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)

1/2 Yellow Onion

Seasonings (including but not limited to: chili powder, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, etc. Go as crazy as you’d like!)


Add larger items into the blender first, simply cutting them up into smaller pieces. This includes tomatoes, bell peppers, and the half onion. Then add smaller items chopped simply in half (garlic & jalapeno or the pepper with a kick). On top of all these ingredients pour in the cans of tomatoes, the cilantro bunch, and the seasonings. Blend together and let the fiesta begin with chips and tacos.

Blend together and let the fiesta begin with chips and tacos!


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