How much does it hurt to pee after you’ve had a baby? Did it sting to the high heavens every time you would relieve yourself? Let me give you my full proof method of stopping the pain while I urinated after I gave birth.

I’ll be honest. Healing from birth was harder than the actual birth. And I did it unmedicated, at home, with sixteen hours of labor, ten hours of which was back labor. 

But I had an AMAZING midwife and doula who made the after birth healing process so much better than what it would have been without them.

SERIOUSLY, you need to have at least a doula to give you all these tips and secrets and to go buy you new sheets and towels when you weren’t prepared with backups, and who will be there giving counter pressure the entire time you are in labor and felt like your hips were going to explode. Our doula was amazing and if you are in Utah she is the best reference I can give you. 

Ok, now, after my natural home birth rant, there are two VERY simple and cheap things you can get to help you pee postpartum with minimal to no burning. 

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First, get a perry bottle. This is a little bottle that costs $4, is super cheap, but became my best friend in the world and my number one buddy every time I peed.

Take this bottle, fill it halfway with warm water, and add a few squirts or about ten drops of Hibiclens. Hibiclens is an antimicrobial/antiseptic that helps keep things ALL clean down there during this postpartum period, decreasing infection especially when there is a tear!

Now that you have your little bottle full of warm water (or cool if it makes it feel more refreshing, I personally liked it warm… tmi?) and have it sitting on the back of your toilet for every bathroom visit.

Take it and slowly squeeze water on your nether regions as you pee. It may trick your mind a little because you will feel more wet than usual, but it was SUCH a lifesaving relief and seriously took some, if not all, of the pain away every time I peed. Don’t be afraid to use the entire bottle every time, this is not a time to skimp.

After peeing as you’re spraying, just dab with some toilet paper lightly, and pull up your granny pad panties and a fresh Tucks pad to continue on with your day of healing and loving on your new baby.

Hope this helps! If you have other questions please comment below, I’m an open book and us mama’s gotta help each other so we don’t get more lost on this journey through motherhood. 😉

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