25 golden-colored lights, decor, and furniture pieces that will add the perfect hints of shimmer to your home.

I like to cozy up in the evenings when Bradlee is working late and make lists on Amazon full of fun and classy decor items. Tonight’s theme is GOLD!

And gold is just my favorite accent throughout my home, if overloaded too much it can become distasteful and tacky. Something you might see from the nineties. But hey, the 90s style is coming back… right?… right…

I’ve only listed my top ten here, but head on over to my Amazon Idea Lists page link to see the rest of my finds. They range from furniture, to accessories, to lighting that I just adore at great prices.

The mood of these golden items is modern, sleek and I try to keep my lists cohesive. Follow me on Amazon to see more of my collecting!

  1. $14 Deer Head for your gallery wall or bathroom hooks.
  2. $50 (or $35 Used) Shimmering Pendants
  3. $40 Black and Gold Clock
  4. A solid $259 shelving unit
  5. My little girl said I needed to choose the Unicorn bookshelf decor ($13) but there are a lot more animals to choose from if you aren’t a three year old. <3
  6. It’s very hard to find a good peel n’ stick backsplash these days, and I’m trying to convince Bradlee that we should get this one ($46). Wish me luck!
  7. ELUSIVE Gold Cabinet handle pull. We used these in our kitchen, check out the article!
  8. $38 Golden Lamp
  9. Modern Opal Tree Bookends $26 to go with the lamp.
  10. $55 for a 20″ Golden Mirror. O, Lala. #selfietime


Thanks for reading my blog! Know that all the links above give me a commission if used, at no cost to you. It’s such a support to me and my fam when you shop through my links so thanks again! xo, gill.


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