We’ll get right to it ladies and gents. Here are five things you can do for your loved one this Valentine’s day that are meaningful and don’t touch that bank account.

Make a Love Card

Does anyone else see the scam that card companies are playing? They are saying what you would say and making you pay for it!

That’s all fine and dandy, but for a change, make your own card by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing a cute heart (or an inappropriate picture 😉) and write in your own words how much your significant other means to you.

Play a Game

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There are sooooo many games at your fingertips, you’re holding the key to unlock all those games. Your phone.

Play a game of selfies for Instagram. Our favorite app right now is charades. Or even get out those rusty cards or board games and just get to know each other again.

Give a Massage

Remember when you were dating and all you wanted to do was kiss and cuddle? That touch was all it took to send your tummy flying with butterflies.

You don’t even need fancy oils or lotions, just feel each other again. Help each other relax and let things lead where they may. *Wink* *wink*

Make Dinner

valentine's gift ideas

This may take a bit of money if you’re wanting to invest.. but! If you’re low on funds, just make some cheapo pasta and turn down the lights for a good mood, romantic, stay-at-home cozy dinner.

Talk with one another. Find articles like this one that has questions to ask each other and conversation prompts. Joke, laugh and find out something new about your companion!

Walk or Bathe together

Valentine’s is a time to get intimate. And by intimate, I don’t just mean sex (though that is important too). I mean intimate as cuddles and closeness.

If you have a big enough bath (or even if you don’t) fill ‘er up and climb on in with one another. If anything you will get a good laugh remembering how you USED to fit in the tub together and no longer do… 😂

If you don’t have a big bath or that’s not your thing. Take a walk with one another hand in hand. Before you know if you’ll be talking about anything and everything. Be sure you’re holding hands, that’s the ticket.

free valentine's day gift ideas

Last note, remember the love during this holiday!

It’s a time to remember how much we love each other, not who can think of the better and more expensive gift!! So give in to love again! And remind each other how fun it is to just be with one another.

You chose this person as your PERSON and main squeeze. It didn’t take much to fall in love, keep it simple this year and you’ll see the beauty in spending the time rather than money.

XO. Happy Valentine’s day!


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