I never printed off or wrote down affirmations for my first home birth with Annabelle, and my doula this time around challenged me to create some of my own. I didn’t know how powerful this could be in preparing me for birth. 

Though I’ve given birth before. Unmedicated. At home. I was definitely less prepared mentally and emotionally. I had no idea what motherhood would bring for me. Thinking back, I think it may have contributed to the length and exhaustion I felt during my first birth. 

Whether it’s true or not, and whether this will help in this next labor is unknown until this baby #2 makes his debut! What I do know is that it has already helped me during these months of pregnancy leading up to my second home birth. 

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These affirmations have helped me reflect back on my first birth. The things I loved about it, the things I struggled with, and the things I needed to hear but didn’t know how to tell my birth team. 

birth affirmation design printable

Your heart and your pelvic floor with grow with this birth. Let it happen. 

Open. Dance. Release. Relax. Use gravity to help that baby drop down and out of your birth canal. It’s amazing how fast our first baby came after I got out of the birth pool and started moving. So for this birth, I’m going to be less resistant to standing, dancing and swaying especially between contractions. 

free birth affirmation printable

Though I was buck naked for most of my first labor, I would have moments of self-consciousness and negative body image flow through my brain. I had gained weight like most women do when they’re pregnant! And I wasn’t completely comfortable in my own skin. This is a BIG no-no. You are a beautiful woman birthing the most beautiful way. Have the image of a goddess in your mind and hold on to that. That is you. You are doing a magnificent thing. 

free birth affirmation printable

You may have expected a short labor time. You may have expected to go through transition quietly and calmly. You may have expected to have people there that couldn’t make it. You may have expected to give birth vaginally instead of C-section. Whatever your expectations, let them go. Be in the moment. Feel your body. These are once in a lifetime moments that only come when you are in labor, and it’s incredible what your body does for you and your baby no matter what the final outcome is.

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free birth affirmation printable

Don’t forget to smile. I had quite the negative attitude during my first birth and looking back now, I wish I would have just enjoyed it more! Even if I was in pain! Don’t let those negative thoughts empower the greatness of you birthing your baby. 

If you can relate to these, there are more! Check out this free printable PDF link for your birth below! >> And if these don’t speak the words you are searching for with your next birth, grab some crayons or markers and paper and make your own! It’s so empowering and I promise it’s so worth it!


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