We have walls!! Oh boy, do we have walls! And they are so echoey… If that’s a word. Let me tell you, once you have walls up in a project you get all sorts of antsy for the finish line.

I’m not sure how many parts this series is going to turn into, take your vote, this should be fun! Also, take note, this article has links that, when used, help the writing going and support this shindig here with no added cost to you.

The finish line is in sight, though! We have doors and trim going up next Saturday, and paint about two weeks from there. Once the painting is done we will get cabinetry and carpet in, electrical and plumbing and tile.

So, let’s keep talking budget and how things have rolled along with our subcontractors so far.

Budget Breakdown:

Sheetrock Install and Materials: $6,280

Electrical Labor and Materials: $3,500

Professional Paint Job (Trim White, Walls and Ceiling grey): $5,200

Carpet Estimate (High quality with 1/2″ carpet pad): $2,600

Cabinetry Estimate (Quartz countertop included, three cabinet units, and an undermount stainless steel sink): $2,200

Bathroom Surrounds : $4,000

K, so now that you know the logistics. Let’s see the pictures and my excited little sketches for what’s to come.

^^ You see the theater screen? Awh, yeah.

^ Future built-ins, not right away cause dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

^ Barn doors galore and kids under the stairs hideout. ^

^ Small Kitchenette for late-night binge eating and movie watching. 😉 Oh, and a mother-in-law apartment for the broke college student. Just trying to give back, though this is MUCH nicer than our first apartment.

And there you have it! Now, I don’t have much time cause babies are a callin’, but stay tuned for what this bad boy is gonna end up looking like. We’re almost there, I’m exhausted but so very excited.


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