When we first moved into this new house, I was a little stumped with what to do with all these new blank walls everywhere! It seemed like a daunting task to try to fill the emptiness and make our house a home. The hardest part was making a plan of things before I started poking holes in the walls left and right.

My nesting urges have not ceased since we’ve moved… And I’ve got this amazing energy that will not be here when our baby boy comes into the world so I want to get this all done so we can just snuggle when he gets here.

So, if you are needing wall decor inspiration for your own home, new or old, take a look at what we did with our walls to start the house to home transition. 

Also, to make all my wall hanging quick and easy yet safe, I would use these all-in-one anchor and screw or anchor and nail combos. I’m impatient with drilling holes so these were amazing for me!

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#1 Have fun with Empty Frames, Words and Color.

Fun Artwork | Frames | Friends Wording Sign | Small Wreath

I found the wreath and friends wording at the dollar spot in Target originally but found others online linked above. Also, I love this bear picture so much (it was found at At Home), and Annabelle loves to roar every time she sees it. This arrangement is in our playroom, I brought color in with the bear and the wreath and kept the imagination rolling with some empty frames from my local Good Will and fun words.

There are also these gorgeous wreaths I found on Amazon that would be perfect for a little girls or playroom, click the image below to see. 

#2 Install a Decorative Shelf.

Shelf | Wall-E | Painting | Felt Letter Board

This shelf was on sale at Target, and I love displaying a painting given to us from my dad and our little Wall-E from our first vacation on it. <3 A felt board would also be a perfect addition on this shelf!! If you’re already thinking of a perfect Christmas present, grab this $20 one here. 😉

#3 Create a Gallery Wall

Frames | Alphabet Letter Decor | Clock | Temple Picture

There are too many gallery wall options to count, but I like to break mine up with different shapes, sizes and some art in between. A lot of people keep it simple with a bunch of same sized frames and different pictures, if you’re looking for a good price on a set of white frames, check out these under $30!

#4 Anchor an Art Piece with Furniture.

Landscape Print | Dresser | Throw

This is an especially good arrangement if you have a really large wall that needs to be broken up. You can even replace the painting or print with a mirror to add depth to the room, check out these mirrors under $25(Bonus, the dresser in the image above is only $132! Such a great deal for a dresser!)

#5 Post your Family Motto

Family Motto Canvas | Distressed Frames

Whats a Motto? Nuttin’, what’s the motto with you?! Ok, a little pun humor here, but in all seriousness, having little sayings and reminders on our walls makes for good conversation and comfort in our home. Also, don’t forget to put up pictures of you and your loved ones to remember who matters most as life gets really crazy. 

Hope you enjoyed the round-up! Happy hanging! For more decor ideas, check out this article on Six Farmhouse Home Decor Items Under $40!


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