This was my first DIY Home project I did since we moved in that didn’t give me a headache and took less than a day to do.

It was pretty simple, guys. I like to think there are a lot of people like me out there who try to see if they can do a project themselves before hiring someone else to do it for them. This makes us “DIYers”, right? And I just had to share the most simple DIY I’ve probably ever done, installing our own blinds. 

I don’t know if I lucked out with the brand of blinds I chose or if it was just a good day or if I’m just getting really good with a drill, but it was quick, easy and done with just lilol‘ me (a very non-professional installer).

Also, I think it’s important to note that I chose to DIY these blinds because I only wanted blinds on four of my windows in our home. The rest I chose curtains as our window coverings, they can be cheaper and better looking than blinds in my opinion. If you want blinds for your ENTIRE home… You might want a pro to come in and measure and install. To each their own. 

So, if it is the brand of blinds that I ordered, I’ll link it here. After searching Amazon for QUITE some time (cause there are a lot of blind brands out there) and actually ordering roman shades that didn’t work out, I found these Chicology blinds that fit all the criteria I was looking for. Especially the correct size I needed for our windows (“17”). If you click over to this link they will give you instructions on how to measure your window correctly to order the right size for your window.

Now, here’s some pictures and tips to help those of you who are like me (visual learner) and just want to see what it looks like (in detail) when you open up your blinds and are installing. 

The Chicology brand provides everything, you just need to have a drill or screwdriver… A drill works best though. 

For me, I set the brackets in place by screwing one smaller screw first cause they were easier to drill into place. It acted as my little helper holder while I put the bigger screws in place (cause I had to use all the strength in my lil arms to drill those longer suckers in..)… See next images.

The brackets are the hardest part. Once you have those in place you just slide the blinds in and latch in place. The pack comes with a valance as well that attaches fairly easily as well. 

Boom! Done. Hope these images motivate you to do it yourself as well! I highly recommend Chicology, most blind companies can charge up to $150 per window to measure, order materials and install. And for my four windows, it cost me $200 total. That’s a win in my book! 

Good luck! And save for later or share here! Every share helps this blog keep rolling along and funds my fun projects!


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