In a world where there are so many different DIY wall decor items, sometimes you can’t find the quote you have been looking for… so you make your own!

So, I looked high and low, and even at Hobby Lobby where they have signs that speak my language oh, so well…

But I could not find a typewriter font sign with the quote, “Home is wherever I’m with you.” Do you know the song? Originally by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, but covered by many people all over YouTube, this song is kind one of my many favorites and it was literally what I wanted my house to say as you walked through the door.


So, being the repurposer (is that a word?) that I love to be, I took to my old decor to see what I could CREATE!

I know my face is a little distracting in this picture below but look past my beautiful eyes to the decor on the wall behind me. See the Love Much sign? That’s what I had to start with.

And when I searched for DIY Mod Podge on Google I found how to do this craft on canvas not wood… But I had wood… that I wanted to paint white and mod podge on top. A little different, but we GOT this.

It really wasn’t so bad. At first, I thought I could achieve this by using minimal mod podge but that wasn’t the case. Be sure to lay it on thick, my friends.

So, without further ado, here’s how to.

  1. Get yourself a cheapo foam brush.
  2. Some Mod Podge
  3. You’ll need a printer and just regular print paper
  4. Scissors
  5. And your canvas or in my case wood.

Start by printing your quote backwards.

Pick where you would like to have your quote. Lather up with Mod Podge. Then paint the paper on the ink side as well.

Let it stick for a good long while. I left it for I’d say about 4 hours.

Then start to softly scrape the paper off.

I used the wood handle on my brush as well as my fingers and nails for the areas where it was just blank paper spaces and then took a damp cloth to the text areas and softly rubbed away the paper with the ink staying put!

You can still KIND OF see some remnants of white paper around the ink where if I rubbed too hard it would come off but I liked the shadowy look for my sign anyhow. I hope yours turns out as well!

Note that if you use the link above to get the products I mentioned it will take you to Amazon! If you buy something, I’ll receive a small commission at no added cost to you. It helps me contribute to my tribe, my babies and my home, so thank you! xo.


This Lost Mama

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