Whenever I heard about someone making their own laundry detergent I always thought it was a little…. gross. So I just relied on those good ol’ friends at Tide or Gain to help me out with cleaning those dirty clothes.

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But when our baby girl came along, and I tried going back to work but decided to stay-at-home with her, we needed some solid ways to save money so we could maintain our retirement fund and still do fun things with the family! (this is SO important people!)

saving money to be able to do more with the family

So I started to brainstorm ways I could save some money here and there and with everyday chores and household items. I would turn to DIY projects before buying something, I started this blog, we started saving receipts, etc. Then, I found a very old recipe that I got years ago at a bridal shower for a homemade laundry detergent and thought, why not try this?!

Of course, I had my concerns…

How can you make your own detergent and be absolutely SURE that our clothes are getting clean? And does it really clean? Do our clothes still smell good after? Is it really worth the savings?  

I experimented… And had instantly noticeable results.

Our clothes smelled BETTER than before (even the cloth diapers for baby!), stains were disappearing with only ONE wash instead of two (without any Spray and Wash assistance), and this recipe made a 5-gallon bucket full of detergent using only one Tablespoon per load making it last forever! (almost, literally…)

Needless to say, it makes a very happy mama. So, experiment for yourself!

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Gather All the detergent Ingredients:

4 lb/ 12 oz box of Borax

4 lb box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

1 Box Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda

3 Bars Fels Naptha

3.5 lbs Oxyclean

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Follow these Quick Instructions:

#1 Grate Fels Naphtha soap. (the finer the better)

#2 Toss all ingredients in a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. Mix thoroughly.

#3 Use 1 Tbsp per load. Use as needed for dirtier or larger loads.

Bonus #4, for better stain removal, rub with Fels Naphtha soap before wash.

So simple to make, and works great! Happy washing!

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