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So, for mine and Bradlee’s anniversary, I did an impromptu project. I took the leftover chalkboard paint I had from *two years* ago (yikes), and some leftover paint from my downstairs project that is currently on hold to make him a chalkboard/mancave/tough gym wall with his favorite saying written in the corner. I learned a few things about DIY Chalk art on a painted wall, let me share with you!

Let’s see what I learned and how it turned out!

First, a few notes on chalk markers:

  1. Chalkboard markers drip. And when they do it’s messy. I wonder if white sharpie markers would work better. Mental note to look into that.
  2. If you’re not making a straight line, it shows up more obviously than with your chalk outlines, so be sure to have a straight edge.
  3. Get a thin one and a thick one just in case.
how chalkboard markers work

Maybe the Johnsons next door got the fancier markers than my $3 ones from Walmart and that’s why they drip, but I didn’t want to break the bank on a spontaneous project! Plus side, I could grab a damp cloth and wipe the drips and it magically went away so…


Ok, I’ll try and condense the rest of my tips, or you can just watch the little video below.

Tip #1 Measure and Trace beforehand

Be sure to mark with a regular piece of chalk where your letters will be. I know a LOT of blogs out there are saying you need to print off papers and trace and retrace. But to be honest, I think that’s a lot of unnecessary fluff! Chalk can be erased if you mess up! Even the markers erase, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

how to trace text on chalkboard

Tip #2 Pick a Font and Type it out.

I picked four fonts and kind of made up my own in the end. These creative aspects of doing my own projects is why I love to DIY! But type out your saying and just keep referring visually to your typed text when you feel stumped.

different manly fonts

Tip #3 Have a Ruler or something to keep things straight.

A straight edge does wonders. When I was in my architectural drafting class while getting my bachelor’s the instructor could not have reiterated enough to never freehand while drafting. This was burned into me and it needs to be burned into you!

Whenever you have a chance use that ruler! Every time there is a straight line to make. I know it will make the process longer, and you’re talking to the queen of impatience here, but take your time and you’ll see it all lines up in the end! *pun intended*


I hope you have fun like I do doing your DIY! Let me know if you have any questions below, or go follow me on Instagram to ask. And if you use these links referenced in the article above, know that I get a small commission being an affiliate, there’s no added cost to you though! Thanks for supporting this small blog. xo, Gill.


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