The family living room is where you will spend most of your evenings through the winter, so why not spend some time making it as comfortable and cozy as you can? In this article, you can find some nice ideas for making a living room festive-friendly at a low cost and without much effort. 

fireplaces can warm up a cool space

Indoor Fireplace 

Fireplaces are very traditional, all of the stories and images we have grown up with depict cozy log fires at Christmas time, but in recent decades they have fallen out of favor thanks to efficient heating systems and Co2 sensitivities. But now, you can have an eco-friendly one in your home. 

Bio-ethanol is natural gas, but unlike other natural gases it is not harmful to the environment and is not considered a greenhouse gas, that’s why bio-ethanol fires have become so popular in recent years. Why not bring some warm firelight into your home this winter with an indoor fire?   

soft lighting helps interior design of the space

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If an indoor fire doesn’t suit you there is a cheap and cheerful alternative, candles. Again, candlelight is very traditional but you don’t have to buy an expensive new fireplace or invest in an installation. Candles are also nice because you can choose different scents for the season. 

As with an indoor fire, candles are warming, and traditional, and provide some seasonal lighting. Of course, some people will still have their hearts set on a fireplace, but it’s amazing how candlelight produces an ideal alternative for a fraction of the cost and with much more variety.   

Natural Elements 

If you want the perfect loving room for your family this winter you will have to include some natural elements; these can come from nature walks you take with the kids on the weekends, or from the local shopping mall. Wooden furniture is a nice way to bring the season indoors. 

Preparing for the festive season is also a chance to repair any issues you have with the walls and flooring in your home. These days, most homes use drywall for the interior, this material is effective but can be damaged easily. Contact a professional for some new drywall Installation

Warm Lighting 

Create the perfect cozy winter living room with some simple lighting solutions. When you have your family together in the living room in the evenings you might prefer to have low lighting to create an atmosphere. This is an excellent choice and it’s very easy using bulbs and lamps. 

Choose lamps with warm-colored lighting and install a dimmer switch to give you more lighting options, it’s amazing how different lighting can change the atmosphere of a room and the mood of your family members. Warm lighting is a simple and cost-effective cozy living space solution.   

warm lighting and wood furniture in a cozy space

Heavy Curtains 

The perfect living room for winter is not complete without heavy hanging curtains when the temperature starts to drop it’s time to close those curtains and trap the heat giving you more warmth in winter and lower heating bills. This is a cheap alternative to investing in insulation. 


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