By this step, you have now created your logo.

If you are still struggling to put the pieces together, contact me through my Facebook Group to get help and let me know what you might need further help with. I might even make a new tutorial if there is a reoccurring question or request.

But if you have designed your newfound brand, you’re in love with your self-made creation and can’t wait to plaster the town with it. Print business cards, place it at the top of your resume for sponsors, make your site shine with your new creation, but wait… How do you do that?

I am no coding expert and have no previous experience coding web pages, but I have learned a LOT on my own since starting my blog almost a year ago on WordPress, and I’m going to share this knowledge with you. There are a lot of bloggers and business owners out there that have some pretty cool looking brands, it’s true, but it turns out messy on their web page and doesn’t read right or flow with your content.


For example, these web pages have placed their brand in great synchronization with their content:

create your own brand

create your own brand

Let me show you how you can get a clean, clear presentation of your brand in the header of your web page on WordPress.

(Quick Tip: this process works even BETTER if you were to buy a theme instead of using WordPress’ free themes. Might I recommend BluChic? They have the most beautiful themes that work flawlessly with WordPress and have so many more customizable options. Check em out!)

#1 Open Site Customizer

#2 Select Header Image

And add a new image. Your image file should be at least 1920 wide X 1080 high (landscape) with at least 100 pixels per inch (more pixels per inch = clearer image). My font size is 272 pt in Keynote and all the elements surrounding it are adjusted to fit that visually. If you have Mac, you can check these numbers EASILY in Preview after you have saved a Jpeg or PNG file from your logo creation source.

checking pixels in preview on mac

check pixels in preview on a mac

#3 Make sure your Site Title and Tagline are hidden.

wordpress logo help

You don’t want to be repetitive. There are a lot of websites out there that put there beautifully designed logo up as the header and then repeat their title in a “Site Title and Tagline”. Doesn’t look professional.

How does your site look? How does your brand feel on the page? Is it what you’ve been searching for?

If you created a few different options in the previous steps and you didn’t decide which one you liked best yet, this might be your final decision maker! Seeing everything in place makes it all clear on what you prefer your brand to be.

Quick Tip: Be sure to check it out on every different display option, monitor, tablet and mobile smartphone. 


That’s all we have for this step if you don’t like the way your brand lays out, in the end, take it back to the drawing board! It’s better to get a brand and logo that you absolutely LOVE than being stuck with one that you settled for.

To continue on your branding and graphics creation journey, join and follow our Facebook Group for further updates, tips, and tricks! xo. 



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