You’ve started your blog or business and you need a brand. Let me tell you why.

Everything will revolve around this brand. Your color scheme, the design of your website, the theme of your social media, everything.

So your brand vision and logo creation is a great place to start! 

And with this designing your brand blog post series I hope to help you do it everything on your own. Saving time and money on hiring someone else to do it.

So, first things first. Color.

Collect your vision, and the color scheme will follow.

You don’t just want your favorite color, but a color that speaks to what your mission on your website will be. So, create a vision board on Pinterest, this board can be secret so it doesn’t mess with your algorithm and Pinterest business game.


Follow me on Pinterest and see my brand visioning boards that are ready-made for you!

Explore the photography, art or design suggestions on Pinterest and pin all the photos that are stunning, catch your eye and attention to your inspiration board.

Next, Narrow down and specify.

Once you are done with your vision board, take your favorite photos (only two or three of them) and copy them into a new Photoshop, Powerpoint, or Keynote file.

Once you have your photos you can take the color picker tool and start finding the colors that pop out to you, and lock them into your vision!

Looks easy, right?

It might be harder than I’ve made it look, but it really can be easy! Don’t be hard on yourself, don’t overthink it, because if the photographs that you are pulling the colors from are stunning they will feed you stunning colors.

Leave questions below and I’m here to answer! Or head over to our Facebook Group aimed at helping your brand and ask your questions there! See you in the next step, numero two, choosing your fonts.


This Lost Mama

2 Comments on Create your own Brand: Step 1 Color Scheme

  1. Thanks, Gill this was easy to follow and didn’t take me long to do. I found this post from the font one and although I’ve done this before I was pleased with the info you provided. I’m working on tweaking my branding more and your content is helping. Great job!

    • I’m so glad it helped! I’ve tried to make the guides as easy as I can to read and follow… Share it with anyone else you may know might need help, and have a great day!

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