Have you every wanted to dress yourself and style your home in a cozy sophisticated way? You might have guests this holiday season, expected or unexpected, and you want to look your best but also be comfortable in your space. Here are some great finds to help you achieve both of those goals.

I think this is the perfect time to be living. I have never seen so many outfits that are comfortable while also looking put together. And it aligns beautifully with the cozy home trends where everything is so light, airy and natural colors are at an influx with the current trends.

First, I’m going to start with one room, styled two ways. Both ways are have a modern feel, but one leans a little more transitional, while the other is a bit boho. They both use some core pieces though, like this chair, cocktail table and these baskets.

Links for this look: The 8×10 Rug, Side Chairs, Basket, Poly & Bark Sofa, Pillow Cases, Side Table, Trio Wall Art, Table Lamp, Cocktail Table.

Next, let’s look at this room in a transitional light. Can I also note that these rooms were created with luxury brands in mind, but at a fraction of the price. So designers like Mcgee & Co, Pottery Barn, CB2 and Noir make furniture items that look very similar to these, but instead of paying the very expensive price tag from those sites, you can find these all on Amazon.

Links in this photo: The 10×14 Rug, Side Chairs, Blanket Basket, Coffee Table, Table Lamps, Wall Artwork, Wooden End Table, Pillow Covers, Sofa,

Ok, lastly, would you like some of the best deals on outfits I have found via Amazon this cold weather season? These are all under $45, and fit women from small to XL, just be sure to look at reviews to know if you need to size up or down or if it’s true to size.

I love that with this one (#1 link here) you can wear the jacket with a professional outfit and pull it off nicely as well! The repeating texture and layer look for #2 makes this one so casual and sophisticated. For #3 we have a Free People knock off for a literal fraction of the price! #4 is another slouch look but with short sleeves for those of us who run hot! Lucky #5 is the comfiest look in my opinion. And last but not least #6 for the sportier look this season.

That concludes my guide! I hope you can find a cohesive living and lounging feel this winter season. Thank you for reading, comment with your favorite room and outfit combo below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more.


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