The perfect blend of masculine and feminine design for your dining experience. A His and Hers Dining Room.

Hey there, just a stay-at-home mommy here with an Interior Design degree trying to share my love and talents to Y’all. For today, I have cruised the online world for the best combination of industrial and chic. I see this look as a perfect meet-in-the-middle design if you have a husband who wants to keep a little manliness in the home, but a wife who still wants things to be cozy and classy. Keep things pretty but buff with this Industrial Chic Dining collage er… vignette. Hope it brings inspiration! xo.

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A little wood for warmth and metal for the industry. These chairs are perfect for this look and a steal for what they would sell for in the design world. To shine a little perspective on this, these chairs were specified in a project I was a part of once at $250 a piece. And you can get a set of four at less than that price. #steal.

Can I just say… I adore the simple elegance of this dining table. The curved lines create the feminine balance needed with the chairs that would surround it.

You can’t have a classy table like the one above without a beautiful rug to anchor it.


Another way to anchor your table would be through wall decor. A bold sunburst mirror acts as a focal point to brighten the room (pun intended) and give life to the dining space with its exciting lines and color.

For the shiny topping to your dining room cake, add this gem of a light to set the elegant mood. See it in black instead ($30) of gold to add more industrial look than chic. (I kind of like the black more….)

And for table accessories…

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