A room design that is fun and fashionable for kids, and who doesn’t love Pineapples in their everyday living!?

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Keeping a home family-friendly and design-worthy at the same time is a must. This is why pineapple decor is the perfect unisex theme for your baby’s nursery. And it also transitions perfectly into a toddler/kiddo themed room. We’re trying to make a timeless design, right? But never forget the fun and wonder for the babes!

These cute stickers are a great start, you can evenly space them like the photo above and create a forest of pineapples.

Or… if you don’t have the eye for positioning a ton of pineapples evening spaced on the wall, might I suggest a beachy feel with this Peel and Stick Wallpaper application that is easily removed and doesn’t leave any residue behind? #forthewin

For storage in your changing table, storage for toys in the closet, or clothing in an old dresser. 

“Be a pineapple. Stand Tall. Wear a Crown, and be Sweet.” (love. love. LOVE.) Wall decor is a must.

When you’re too old for a crib… Duvet.

But never too old for a Pineapple friend.

 Add a little light with the beach vibes this lamp is sending.

Speaking of lighting… this sputnik fixture will not disappoint and goes perfectly with your theme.

Seating is a must, whether it be for a mommy and her new babe…

^^Or a big girl or boy who needs a read n’ chill seat. ^^

Finish it all with some accessories and pineapple themed gifts all on my idea list on Amazon. Happy Pickings! xo.



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