Ok, all, I’ve been giddy with excitement about getting these cloth diapers.

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re excited about diapers? For real?

Yep, I’ve got my official badge that reads Beware: Quirky Mom in the mail today. I was so stoked to try these out. I was cheering on the poopy bum changes, the potty filled cloth… oh yeah. It was weird.

This has been another rite of passage into motherhood, fellow mommies. You know how it is. The new project that gets you pumped about the daily grind of kiddos and babies. That fancy new breast pump, the wipes coupons, the Pinterest high. Yep, it’s the fix. Soak it up. ESPECIALLY if this new fix is saving money for your stay-at-home lifestyle, it’s worth sharing with others!

To start off this new money saving, earth preserving endeavor, I ordered the Nora’s Nursery brand off of Amazon because it came as a starter-like kit for this first-time cloth diaper mama. It is perfect, comes with a wet/dry bag, seven cloth diapers, and seven bamboo inserts. Here’s what it looks like fresh out of the box:


As you can see in the image, there are some pointers they give to help you get started. In case you can’t read them well I’ll list them here along with my tips & tricks I’ve learned thus far:

  1. Wash 3-4 times before use for enhanced absorbency.
    • My tip: air dry the diapers and tumble dry the inserts on low heat so they keep the absorbency. The bamboo inserts are awesome, but I also got some flour sack towels at Walmart as a recommendation from my sis-in-law that have worked great so far.
  2. Make sure to knock solids in the toilet. NOBODY wants “that” in their washing machine. Make this step easy with a biodegradable liner, they are cheap and easy!
    • My tip:  We’re all moms or dads here, poop is poop. I throw the poopy cloth diapers in one rinse/spin cycle to get any extra poop off, then add the rest of the load for a full soapy load when it’s done to get it thoroughly cleaned.
    • I’ve also had to change up my laundry routine. Usually, I would do laundry all in one day, get it over and be good for the week. But to keep these diapers replenished I have now divided up the laundry to twice a week. My baby girl goes through about eight diaper changes a day, and we use disposables at night still. You have to make a schedule to make it work, but it works and I love the financial savings we are going to have in the long run!
  3. IMPORTANT DO NOT wash with harsh chemicals like bleach, fabric softeners, additives, etc.
  4. Machine washable and dryable for your convenience.
  5. Wash dirty diapers and wet bag in water less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit for longevity. Use up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit when necessary for extra “special” washes.
  6. Tumble dry on LOW HEAT or hang dry, NOT high heat.

how to use cloth diapers with a new baby

There you have it, and a few little testimonials I’d like to add from yours truly:

  • Within the first week, I noticed that when my baby girl was in the disposable diapers she was getting a small bum rash every time. One cloth diaper change later, and the rash would noticeably diminish. I love that my baby girl can be more comfortable.
  • I’ve researched that cloth diapers help transition into potty training easier. (I’ll see when she gets to that age and give an update)
  • The snaps on Nora’s diapers don’t wear away in the wash like the velcro cloth diapers would. Also, they are size adjustable, which is so nice. As new parents, we never knew if our girl was big enough for the next size up with diapers… So we would buy them and they would be too big.. #newmomproblems. Or we would have a huge bag of one size and she would go through a crazy growth spurt and not fit in them anymore… Money just was thrown away. Literally.
  • We can save THOUSANDS of dollars starting cloth diapers with our first born than with the later kiddos. Diapers were making our budget numbers jump to new heights, and with me quitting work and staying at home, we need to save all the pennies we could. (turned out to be about $60 USD a month… That’s $720 a year people…)
  • Finally, I’m just a sustainability freak sometimes. I don’t know if all mamas and/or dads are like this, but I hate wasting a good diaper that just had a little pee in it. Now I can change that cloth diaper with a lil’ pee in it, wash it up, and not feel like I’m giving back to mother earth.

The bags of garbage were overflowing, and the smell of poop just lingered in our home constantly with disposable diapers. I didn’t have anything to lose going cloth instead of disposable, and I’ve loved it ever since. In fact, we gained about $60 a month of savings from using cloth instead of disposables! May not be much, but that can add up! (about $720 per year! That’s a good little weekend getaway for you and your main squeeze!)
Ask the hubby, I love these diapers, and hope if you choose to buy them, that you’ll love em too! If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to let you know more. Happy diapering fellow parentals, and good luck with those squishy babies.

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