Perks of having a midwife who has practiced for more years than you’ve been alive: she knows things, not just things found on Pinterest, but things that have been passed down from generation to generation, midwife to midwife. But now I’m putting it on Pinterest because it’s amazing and should be passed on…

Hopefully, the midwife gods don’t smite me…

I was in my second trimester with our first baby when I was trying to find the special person who would be attending the birth. I was in a phone interview with Betty when she first mentioned this chicken soup that they would make after birth to help my breast milk come in quickly. And to be honest, it may have been the main reason why we chose her as our primary midwife. I am a sucker for food. Fat kid at heart.

When our daughter was born and my milk came in alright… It was like Niagara Falls. I would have to change my shirt over and over again because it would be soaked through in minutes.

Also, the whole duration of my baby’s time nursing, I’ve made this soup time and again to up my supply when I think it might be low and it never fails. It’s not pricey, it’s not fancy, it’s just good ol‘ fashioned soup. Just be sure to follow the ingredients carefully, it’s vital that everything is organic.


Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper and other poultry seasonings to your liking (just do not use Sage or Oregano because they can dry up your milk, instead use Thyme, Rosemary, Nutmeg etc.)

1 Whole Chicken (Organic)

1 Stalk of Celery

5 Large Carrots

1.5 C of Brown Rice (can substitute with noodles if you desire)

2 Garlic Cloves diced

(Bonus: I add chopped Romain lettuce for more greens)


Bring Whole Chicken to boil in a large pot of water. Boil until chicken easily falls off the bone (this typically takes about an hour). I look at the chicken leg bones, and if they have turned from red to a dark gray then it’s done.

While the chicken is boiling, chop the carrots, celery, garlic cloves, and lettuce measure out brown rice and set aside.

Once the chicken is fully cooked, take it out of the broth, set it aside and let it cool on a plate. I typically save some broth for later cooking (about 2 cups). With the remaining broth combine rice, carrots, celery, garlic, lettuce, and seasoning. Bring to a boil to soften rice and other ingredients.

Pull chicken off the bone, shred and add to seasoned broth and veggies. Simmer until rice and carrots are softened, about 20 minutes.

Cool, serve yourself, and wait for your milk to start flowing. The secret is in the broth, so drink it up at the end of your meal to help your supply even more.

I hope this works for you and your supply for your baby. I hear so many different stories of women who have their milk dry up after a time and just give up to formula out of default. And for GOOD REASON. We don’t want our babies to starve. But if those women desire to continue to breastfeed but don’t know how to help their milk supply after trying supplements and tea, this soup may be just what they need. It doesn’t hurt to try! Plus, it’s delicious…

Comment with your best milk supply boosters below and share this with someone who needs it!

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Chicken noodle soup recipe for new moms to increase breast milk supply

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16 Comments on Chicken Soup that will Increase your Milk Supply

    • If the rotisserie chicken is cooked at the store and brought home and put into a canned broth, no. If the packaging of a raw whole chicken in the meat section says “Rotisserie Chicken” as its title, I think you’re safe. The chicken broth to be from the water that the whole (preferably organic) chicken was boiled in, is key to increasing your supply. It’s the nutrients that are pulled from the chicken while being boiled that your body reacts to and increases your milk supply. If it’s a pre-seasoned raw meat just be sure the seasonings don’t include oregano or other herbs that are known to dry up your milk supply. Does that help?

    • Maybe… And I say that very cautiously cause I’ve never tried it myself so I don’t know the resulting comparison. I’ll have to experiment on this with my next baby due to be sure, cause I’ve had this question asked a few times.
      But what I can say with confidence is that I know through the preservation process of most store-bought broths it can take away the natural minerals that you would get from just boiling a chicken and getting the nutrient dense broth that way. If you got an “all natural” broth it may have great results, and adding a good protein source like rotisserie chicken is key as well, so it may work!
      If your breastmilk supply doesn’t increase after this method then that might be the answer you’re looking for.

  1. This recipe is perfect. For anyone asking about the rotisserie chicken to save time, honestly, other than throwing it in the pot of water, it’s not any more work and tastes amazing. Promise!!! My husband and 4 year old both approved…even with the greens added (kale). I’m due any day so it’s nice to have a super easy go to other than chili!!!

    • Congratulations on your soon-to-be baby!! I’m due with our second kiddo in about two months and have the same plans to make this recipe in bulk again for meal prep/milk supply prep. I’m so glad this recipe has helped you. Hope for all the best with your next baby!

  2. Could you freeze this? And if so, do you freeze with already cooked rice/noodles, or just freeze everything else and make fresh noodles when you’re ready to eat it?

    • I plan on making a batch this week for my baby due soon and freezing it for a few weeks before my due date. I’m going to make it with brown rice and plan on freezing it all together, I have yet to make it with noodles but I’d imagine it would still work the same! Let me know if you make it with noodles and if freezing it works for you!

  3. This recipe really does work! For me, it worked immediately, but when you’re ready for the next feeding, you may need another bowl. I tried this one months ago when my baby was months old. Even though she’s a year now & I’m trying to stop nursing. I’m making it again. It taste wonderful & My family luved it as well. A new staple meal in my home. Thx for sharing!

  4. Hey, I’m going to try this today.Will the noodle make a difference? How long your milk come in afterwards I’m desperate almost want to give up. So I want to give it a try. Thank you

    • The noodles wouldn’t make a huge difference. I use brown rice for the added protein that it provides, which helps with milk supply, but I’ve had my sister make it multiple times with noodles and it worked wonders still for her. I’m so sorry to hear it’s been tough for you. I just made some this last week in preparation for the birth of our second kid (I’m 38 weeks) and I had a little bit after I had made it and I was feeling my milk come in the day after I had eaten only about a cup. So, for a pregnant lady who hasn’t even started breastfeeding yet, it was pretty quick. I remember when I was breastfeeding and eating only this soup it would come in that same day. If, along with the soup, you also drink Mother’s Milk tea and other supplements you can get at a local health goods store that may be even more beneficial! I’ve heard Goat’s Rue is amazing as well. Be sure to be getting a sufficient amount of protein every day, start off your day with oatmeal (oats work great to help supply too). The best of luck to you!

  5. Going to be making this tomorrow and I’m wondering how much water? You don’t mention how much you use to cook the chicken in. As it’s the broth, don’t want too much or too less. And you save 2 cups of broth for other meals? Or the soup? Thanks momma!

    • I have never measured the water, actually! I just fill the pot up about halfway, then put my whole chicken inside, and if the drumsticks (aka legs) are still sticking out too far I just fill up a drinking cup of water and fill it til the bones are ever so slightly sticking out of the water. I filled it too full once and it kept boiling over, so you kind of just have to gauge it. Hope that helps!
      p.s. I also just save a little broth to drink when I’m breastfeeding to have fuel on other days… You can do this or not! Its up to your personal preference

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